TVGB Review : inFamous

TVGB writes: "Superheroes have become superfluous. Every summer we're treated to another couple of movie cash-ins on classic comic-book franchises and their appropriate videogame tie-ins. Regardless of the quality of these productions, the current wave of superhero nostalgia has left little room for any new and seriously intentioned IP among all the tried and tested classics. It is this condition, where we are annually spoon-fed another hero mythology that was spawned 20+ years ago, that inFamous from Sucker Punch is seeking to find an antidote for. What Sucker Punch display in inFamous above all else is an awareness of the genre, of its conventions and clichés as well as new directions it could (or should) be taken given what else is going on in the world of videogames. The result is a blend of genres that is capable of being both familiar and comforting as well as surprising and even shocking (pun intended)."

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