E3 2009: Playstyle's Best of the Show

E3 has been an exciting, intense and stressful week, but with the show now several days behind us, it's time for those obligatory "Best of the Show" lists to emerge.

Playstyle Gaming has made their choices very clear in this concise list. Ranging from "Uncharted" to "Final Fantasy," see where your own favorites placed in this article.

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heyheyhey3446d ago

Uncharted 2 cleaning up so far :)

gg Naughty Dog

mintaro3446d ago

It's not hard to see why, the demo was mind blowing.

heyheyhey3446d ago

agreed.. but there was a lot of competition.. so ND deserves a LOT of credit

RobertDevious3446d ago

Uncharted 2 was admittedly off my radar going into E3. I was really dying to see what would come out of BioWare's Star Wars MMO and Final Fantasy XIII, and while both of those still impressed (obviously), Uncharted blew my mind.