Japan: Weekly Hardware Sales

For the latest weekly hardware sales figures, hit jump.

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TheMART4273d ago

OUCH the PS3 fell back AGAIN it´s about the lowest number since launch on just over 16k... The 360 at allmost 4k is still selling 25% of the PS3 numbers. Which is huge in Japan.

Wii keeps selling 3 to 4 times as much as the PS3. Uh oh Sony things aren´t looking bright at all if you also get pwned in North America in february with 130k PS3 sales compared to 240k 360 sales. Wonder what March will bring there. Bet the same picture. As will for Europe after the launch where only fanboys bought a PS3 for a whopping 600 EUro´s

schnodder4273d ago

mart you're so funny. must be hard to see all the nice upcoming ps3 games. who cares for japan? have fun with your xshoot 360. i love my ps3 - it's the best console available.

ben hates you4273d ago

your retarded every thing you post is oh 360 "shoot shoot shoot shoot" well thats not true and world wide the 360 is out selling the ps3 and the 360 is getting its share of games if not more this by the end of the year,{and yes i know some are multiplat} HALO obviously,dmc,MASS EFFECT,ALAN WAKE,FORZA,FABLE 2,BIOSHOCK,TOO HUMAN,C&C 3{this will sell really good in the uk} and don't say half those games sucked that gets so old because its easily turned around

IPlayGames4273d ago

Since xbox was born it has been a shooter console just now how many years later there trying to expand but those games u listed arent even out yet.

Shaka2K64273d ago

Hahahaha that picture rocks, but anyways Japan who cares about Japan its world wide sales that really matters.

not like sales make a system more fun or something but u know.

sales news.
real news or flame bait? u decide.

gta_cb4273d ago

probadly flame bait, BUT still good to know how MS is doing in a place it was thought to do really bad.

Ban Me4273d ago

Touche... this has "bait" written all over it.

Surely for your average gamer, playing games is more important than sales figures? To the end user they mean nothing. Fair enough the console with the biggest user base will see more games and support but in all honesty, none of the 3 consoles are going to "fail" and as such they're all going to get great games and good support.

Arguing over stuff like this is pointless. Just enjoy whatever console you own and be happy that others are enjoying theirs.

I'm only posting this because I'm super bored at work btw.

Odiah4273d ago

Microsoft needs to start taking Japan seriously as a market if they want to get a real place in this console war.

eques judicii4273d ago

if you compare these sales to what the original xbox was selling in its second year they are consistently selling 2-3 times as many units. Its nothing compared to nintendo or even sony, but it is a vast improvement over last gen. They also are getting a lot more japanese developer support.

Says you4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

Hasnt change at all and probably will stay the same.

BIGBAER4273d ago

Incremental improvements, even small ones, are significant if continued for any lenght of time. The 360 is trending upwards in Japan. Slowly, agreed, but upwards none the less.

I expect even greater movement in the months to come. Upwards.

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