Fallout 3 for iPhone a Challenge

Koku Gamer writes: "As you all know Fallout 3 is one of most highly praised games of 2008, selling more than a million copies on each platform. With such huge success Bethesda thought it would be a great idea to bring it to the handhelds as well. Great idea indeed, but it proves more of a challenge than even Bethesda thought. Bethesda's Todd Howard in an interview with Joystiq shared a interesting bit of information about Fallout 3 being on the iPhone and how it proves as a challenge to develop."

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The Newt3421d ago

That is sweet. Nice article

Cinotix3421d ago

Hmm. I can see it work without including too much story, but a lot more action oriented quests. Def. a smaller game, I do think having the VATS system with Fallout on an iPod Touch would be great.

The Newt3421d ago

Very interesting, cause if they where to be on the Iphone and such I can see it come out very iffy honestly and having some troubles, And on top be very limited.

WengYong3421d ago

A clever implementation of the Itouch screen. Very clever Bethseda, I will have to get an Iphone now because Fallout was awesome

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The story is too old to be commented.