Microsoft Talks Xbox 360 Elite Leak 'Context' Issues

With information leaks an oft commented-on thorn in the side of major press announcements, the team behind Microsoft's Gamerscore Blog has sounded off on the topic, discussing the leaks relating to Microsoft's recently announced Xbox 360 Elite.

Speaking during a segment on Gamerscore Blog's latest podcast, Microsoft's Games for Window's PR manager Michael Wolf argued that information leaks, such as those for the Xbox 360 Elite that appeared before the official announcement at the end of March, are counter-productive because "...they don't have any context."

He explained: "For the Elite, for example, people were talking about the functionality and had pictures and all this stuff, but they didn't have the full story. They didn't know the price, they didn't know the accessories, they didn't know additional information that really puts a lot of context and a lot of information behind it,"

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ThaGeNeCySt4268d ago

no context was needed to kknow that 180 for a 120 gb hdd was/is a ripoff

Silver Bull3t4268d ago

I pretty much agree with ^^^. They should've kept this thing under wraps until they could at least incorporate the die shrink. It be friggin sweet if they'd make this sku truely "ELITE" that included these features: 120Gb drive, HDMI port (and cable :) ), Internal HD-DVD ROM, 65nm CPU, internal WiFi and top it off with IPTV tuner/functionality w/aux A/V input.

And no kidding it'd probably cost 800bux... now that's "ELITE"!
This is my opinion. If you don't like it go pound sand.

Mikey_Gee4267d ago

65nm CPU that is what I really wanted in it.

Anyone know for sure if it IS or IS NOT ??

BIadestarX4267d ago

Something tells me that microsoft did this to get their market response before shipping it to stores. If they they releasing it will create more damage than good, they may adjust a thing here and there. It's not new for companies to test waters by releasing more information than they should.