ButtonMasher: Wolfenstein Preview

BM writes: "As the grandfather of the FPS genre, Wolfenstein recieves a modicum of interest with every iteration, and with every iteration that fails to wow, that modicum dwindles bit by bit. It seems contrived to say that this latest attempt will be shaking the formula up, but it's all I can think of when it comes to adding mystical amulet based powers into a WW2 shooter franchise entry, a crazy over the top WW2 shooter, but primarily a weapons based WW2 shooter franchise.The amulet and the powers have something to do with a thing called "The Veil". The Veil, or perhaps beyond The Veil, is kind of a dual world, or alternate dimension you can slip into, though that wasn't really on show here, The Veil and/or the amulet grants B J Blascowicz access to a few abilities which will come in handy when taking on the Nazi horde. The three powers we were shown were Mire, Sheild, and Veil Sight."

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