Eurogamer Portugal Preview: God of War III

Editor writes: "It is arguably the most beautiful God of War and we saw huge. Kratos is more powerful, more agile, more bloody and more violent. This is the most violent game in the series, which is not inhibited to show internal organs of the monsters of fiercely dismember bodies, and make huge combos that can end with shock the most sensitive. We know that Kratos has little sensitivity, although the developers want to put something human inside, it seems that the game has its own voice and Kratos is just a pawn in the hands of the power of revenge."

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Mandaspt3473d ago

For what i saw from the demo I expected more from this game.

beavis4play3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

it would be nice if that person says WHAT they expected.

that way, there might be a discussion.

all i can say to your comment's GOW and i got more than what i hoped for. i mean, they (the devs)finally had the balls to really show kratos rage. and it's just a snippet of the game. i'm sure there will be LOTS MORE.

- Ghost of Sparta -3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

You mean like 1st person view, guns, and less gore? Fans of the series don't want anything changed. You and Eurogamer deserve to be shut down. Always posting garbage.

colossi163473d ago

I liked what I saw. I can't wait to take down the cyclops, centaur and whatever that lion, goat, and snake thing is. Should be a good time.

Marceles3473d ago

Editor writes: "It is arguably the most beautiful God of War"

O RLY? Arguable? No one is arguing..

beavis4play3473d ago

man, when i saw those intestines come out of that centaur.....and then kratos ripped off the head? it doesn't get any more beautiful.......

cmrbe3473d ago

that GOW3 will be the definitive action game this gen. The only other action game that will come close to it is my man Hedeki's Byonetta.

Despite what some people are saying. GOW3 looks phenomonal as is and i have no doubt that when it finally released in 9 months. This game will set another very very high bench mark in graphics,gameplay and storytelling. Yes, It will look better than Uncharted 2 which will be unmatched this year.

People forget who Santa Monica are. Some people forget that they are Sony's biggest devs and house a big chunk of Sony's best devs and techies.

Thinking that SM will not blow people away is like thinking that PD will fail with GT5.