Editorial: Activision, Stop Whining about Console Prices

Jordan Lund calls out Activision CEO Bobby Kotick as a whiner and a hypocrite in his editorial regarding Kotick's statements about a lack of any price cut announcements at E3.

Excerpt: "It also wouldn't hurt if Activision would release some games actually, you know, worth buying. So far their release list for 2009 is pretty anemic. Prototype is looking good, but it won't be out until Tuesday. The only other games they've come out with in 2009 are the latest Guitar Hero gimmick release, two crappy movie adaptations and a DSi Ware title that's almost universally hated...

...So it all boils down to one thing: Activision, you want to sell games - we get that. A hardware price cut is not going to help you if you keep releasing crappy games at the $60 price point! STOP IT!"

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qface643875d ago

i agree activision hasn't really delivered much this year although i never really expected all that much to begin with

jessehaysfl3875d ago

wow console x (playstation) should have a price buy our tony hawk at $119.99.............