New Saboteur Screenshots - PS3 & Xbox 360

Check out all the new screens and concept art for upcoming Pandemic Studios title Saboteur. The game is due 2008 and Monday PSU will be interviewing the team on the next gen title so check back in with us then!

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wildcat4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

The art direction in this game looks really interesting, kinda like Sin City in its own way. I was reading a magazine on this and how you could find black&white neighborhoods and fully-colored neighborhoods that co-existed with eachother. i love this gen.

THAMMER14273d ago

I agree BLU. This is the best GEN. EVER. I play my 360 on an ACER PD100 HD projector. My screen is like 5 feet wide in my living room and up to 30 feet out side or in a theater. Video gams are out for revenge in the intertainment world and I love it. Out Hobby is runnig $#!t right now.

power0919994273d ago

I completly agree with you guys.

I have not been THIS excited about video gaming since the PS1 came out.

Think how far we have come.

BTW This game looks fantastic! I love games that attempt something new, instead of leeching off of others success.

Extra Guy4273d ago

After seeing those screens i'm now really interested in the game. The only way i can relate it to another game would be to cross Okami and CoD (just think about the two games if you can't find what i'm talking about). The stylistic gameplay does look fun and different, something which seems to have been often abandoned in recent years.

I agree also that this is a fabulous generation, just how the games look has made them become so much more thrilling than before.

NoUseMerc4273d ago

I am interviewing Pandemic on Monday about the game through a confrence call. I get to ask 3-4 questions about the game and listen in to what other media outlets have to ask.

If you check in with PSU I will be posting what I found out! Should be pretty exciting....pretty much any new info on the game would be great!