SEGA Talks VF5 PS3

One of SEGA's big E3 surprises was the PlayStation 3 version of Virtua Fighter 5. In the latest issue of Japan's Ge-Maga, SEGA-AM2 president Hiroshi Kataoka shared some thoughts on the home conversion of his team's latest arcade fighter. Joining him was SEGA R&D 4 Section Chief Noriyuki Shimoda, producer of the PS3 version.

DTForever6187d ago

Does anyone really care about these type of pseudo-3D fighting games anymore ?? I think this concept should move on....

PS360PCROCKS6187d ago

me to...this doesn't look very good anyways

achira6187d ago

i am interested in this game ! it will be a good game.

bloop6187d ago

Meh, gimme Tekken anyday.

no_more_heroes6186d ago

Because DOA 4 on the 360 looks better than this.