SEGA Talks VF5 PS3

One of SEGA's big E3 surprises was the PlayStation 3 version of Virtua Fighter 5. In the latest issue of Japan's Ge-Maga, SEGA-AM2 president Hiroshi Kataoka shared some thoughts on the home conversion of his team's latest arcade fighter. Joining him was SEGA R&D 4 Section Chief Noriyuki Shimoda, producer of the PS3 version.

DTForever6502d ago

Does anyone really care about these type of pseudo-3D fighting games anymore ?? I think this concept should move on....

PS360PCROCKS6502d ago

me to...this doesn't look very good anyways

achira6502d ago

i am interested in this game ! it will be a good game.

bloop6502d ago

Meh, gimme Tekken anyday.

no_more_heroes6501d ago

Because DOA 4 on the 360 looks better than this.


PlayStation Now games for June: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Virtua Fighter 5, Slay the Spire

Plus celebrate Sonic’s 30th anniversary with a trio of titles: Sonic Mania, Team Sonic Racing and Sonic Forces.

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Sgt_Slaughter1053d ago

What is?

Witcher III, Slay the Spire, Virtua Fighter 5, and Sonic Mania are an excellent lineup of titles to add.

Smok911053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )

Lol thanks for your thoughts. Let’s now collectively disagree.

waderae1053d ago

How can you disagree with virtua fighter 5? You haven't played it. It's not out.

Hawk1986661052d ago

All the disagreeing are fools. You thinking adding a 6yrs old game thats timed, that's on sale nearly all the time for cheap is a great addition as the main game?? 2 of the games are previous PS+ games so a lot will already have them. And Virtua Fighter nearly everyone will already have that through plus! You're all Clueless

SegaSaturn6691053d ago

Those are great titles. Real treat.

Rocosaurus1053d ago

Love witcher 3, but that game is six years old.

Eidolon1053d ago

Great great game. Would need another playthrough (Gwent and horse racing) to get the platinum, plus I never bought/played the expansions.

monkey6021053d ago

Slay the Spire is an incredible game

Highrevz1053d ago

Agreed but I almost slept on it if I’m honest.

It’s like a traditional turn based RPG without the dramatic story. Monster Train is another good game if you need something similar to Slay the Spire.

monkey6021053d ago

I've heard that actually. Not played it yet though. Good shout!

1053d ago
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10 Fighting Games That Deserve To Be Resurrected Next-Gen

Although fighting games are entering a new Golden Age, there's a number of franchises that deserve to be brought back.

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darthv721499d ago

I'd love to see Sega bring back Eternal Champions.

BlackTar1871499d ago

Why is there no Star Gladiator or Battle Arena Toshinden?

Terry_B1499d ago

Because the other 10 mentioned series were better. Star Gladiator 2 was just the first part with more characters, Battle Arena Toshinden went really downhill after the 2nd game.

BlackTar1871499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

o got it. Cause you said those games aren't as good... Got it.

since Battle 1&2 were pretty damn good and Star Gladiator 1 was very good those sound like perfect games to remake.

Also saying a fighting game is the same as it's predecessor with more characters sums up like 90% of all sequel fighting games.

Also BA3 was not a bad game and wasn't given a bad reception.