The Problem with Video Game Studies

Kotaku writes: "Video game studies - especially concerning violence -are a staple of weekend fare, and every time we put one up, the reactions are pretty typical. It's not to say they're wrong, but Chris LaVigne's examination may help you focus your thinking the next time you read about one of these things, and wonder how it got its results."

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Icemael3879d ago

This is so true. Violence isn't the only thing that makes one video game different from another, but I guess the mainstream media doesn't really care.

Cinotix3879d ago

As I've said, they need something to blame so gaming is always the first option, whether it's murder, rape, theft, or assault they look straight at games like GTA.

WengYong3879d ago

The problem with any form of study is that they usually only study one aspect of it. Why not bring the way children are raised into the equation? That would definitely change the studies up.

Also in terms of aggression Ive been more angry playing LBP than I have playing Killzone 2. Gaming aanger is gaming anger and it spreads across all genres

Serg3879d ago

Call me weird, but I could break something after losing a match in NBA Street, but I find a nice online match in an FPS shooter kinda relaxing, whether I win or lose. I was calm the whole time playing God of War 1 and 2, 2 of the goriest games I've ever played. But when it comes to sports games my aggression level is alarmingly high.

Ziriux3879d ago

As always the media has nothing else to blame but gaming for a teens trouble. Some investigating must go into these things before anyone jumps into conclusions.

mau643879d ago

the media thinks anger, hatrid, and all those other bad feelings are only like 50 years old... there are other things that cause these feelings.

Funqy3879d ago

The media will report what sounds like it will make news and doesn't report the full picture with info from both sides of the story. Good article.

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