Crysis 2: Why PC Gamers and Console Gamers Win

Crysis 2 could represent a revolutionary change in how multiplatform development is conducted...

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ShabzS3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

seriously... i am super duper happy to get a chance to play their game ... thank you crytek ... this was really one of the best announcement of the week ... it was the first big one ... and it was awesome

M337ING3514d ago

And the great thing is: they're committed to making an awesome game on all 3 platforms. :)

MAR-TYR-DOM3514d ago

"The goal is to be the best looking game on PS3 [and] the best looking game on 360 in the entire market."

Making it look like the best 360 isnt hard, making it look like the best PS3 game is going to be, HOWEVER, IF**** they are developing the game bottom up for EACH INDIVIDUAL console, then it is not Impossible.

Szarky3514d ago

Don't know why you got a disagree MAR-TYR-DOM, but you're right IMO.

TheRealSpy023514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

he has disagrees because he's a ps3 fanboy. and that statement is completely untrue in the sense that he believes ps3 games look better...which they don't.

i have every high profile game on ps3 and none of them are more impressive than the high end games on 360.

and neither look anywhere near as good as PC.

i fully expect to get disagrees but i really don't care anymore. the ppl on this site are completely biased fanboys and have no sense of reality.

calling Killzone 2 the best looking game ever made was the joke of the year.

as for the game... it would be impossible to match crysis on pc on this generation of consoles. i just hope they don't dumb down the quality on the next game for those of us who prefer FPS on PC.

Szarky3514d ago

TheRealSpy02, what about calling Uncharted the best looking game on the year? (I'm talking about consoles here)

Pandamobile3514d ago

TheRealSpy02 speaks the truth. It's been two years and the only game to have better visuals than Crysis has been it's expansion and now Crysis 2.

When my friend brought over his PS3, it was like comparing penis sizes. He was convinced that Killzone 2 had the best graphics around, so I went around and demonstrated (by looking up-close at textures, models and examining the shaders and physics) that KZ2 had nothing on Crysis' 1024 x 1024 pixel grass textures :)

This may sound fanboyish, but it's the truth. And don't complain and say "Oh, that's just a ground texture and no one looks up close at things like that in real games", because that's not true. That's what graphics are. Finite details that many people don't notice and just assume that theirs are better.

SaberEdge3514d ago

It is the truth. I have both consoles as well and I own most of the best looking games on both consoles. Most of the PS3 exclusives people talk about (like Resistance, Ratchet & Clank, LittleBigPlanet,etc.) look completely average and there are literally dozens of games on the 360 that look equally as good. Then there are games like Uncharted and Killzone 2 that really are doing some fantastic things with the PS3 hardware. But they aren't any better looking than the better-looking 360 games.

Alan Wake and Mass Effect 2 are just as technically impressive as Uncharted 2 and God of War 3. Those games all look fantastic and they all excel in their particular ways.

xwabbit3514d ago

How is he a fan boy? didnt u see all those articles about developers saying the ps3 was hard to developed for ? the 360 is like a computer, WAY Easier than the PS3

SaberEdge3514d ago

How about reading some more specific explanations by actual developers, instead of vague comments by publishing execs about maxing out a particular console.
Read this, for example:

And here is what John Carmack says about the two platforms:

After all, we have heard this nonsense before about maxing out one or the other of the consoles, and it never turns out to be true. I tend to trust developers that actually go into a little more specifics about the strengths and weaknesses of each console.

caladbolg7773514d ago

I guess I'm just not all that jazzed about Crysis 2 on PC nor consoles. IMO, Crysis 1 was fairly lackluster, and because of that I just can't get interested in C2.

evrfighter3514d ago

crysis had potential. Major potential. Their track record for post launch support can be considered in no better term...Crappy

They need to work on their online modes quite a bit before they can be considered a major fps developer.

TheRealSpy023513d ago

why are 'gamers' so quick to point out a game's flawed, secondary, multiplayer whenever it actually attempts to have one. but then shower praise on games that don't even attempt it? i never understood that.

the multiplayer in crysis is very ambitious. and the lack of PCs that can handle it, combined with the heavy, already established competition made it very difficult for them to compete. but not many games go for the scope they went for. and in a lot of ways, when the lag was good, the multiplayer was a blast.

also, you're short changing the best looking game ever made cuz you had issues with the online element? seems a little shallow.

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WildArmed3514d ago

because Crysis is an awesome franchise n every1 should be happy to be able to play it.
now only if they port Crysis warhead n Crysis over too :/

Pandamobile3514d ago

Fantastic article!

I'm glad my Crysis 2 experience on PC won't be hindered by the lack of power the current gen consoles have.

I'm sure a lot of people that follow Crytek's news could see a console version of the franchise coming after they acquired renowned console-dev company Free Radical.

Can't wait for Crysis 2 :D

Fishy Fingers3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

I'd say it was pretty obvious after they announced Warhead and stated that will be their last PC exclusive.

But regarding the PC, Crytek will always continue to push the platform to the limits. I just prey the new engine is optimized better.

Pandamobile3514d ago

If Crysis is boring, you're doing it wrong.

M337ING3514d ago

Yup, its all up to the player's imagination.

Crysis is only as fun as the player is creative. Of course its going to be boring if you play it like a standard, corridor-shooter.

Pandamobile3514d ago

For sure.

I loved every freaking minute of Crysis because it was so dynamic. It took me a full 24 hours of play time to beat it because I stealthed my way through the entire KPA parts.

I'd sneak out, assassinate a patrol, take his stuff, find cover, rinse and repeat and boy was it fun.

potenquatro3514d ago

They will get the most out of every platform. But I hate how pc game devs always call conslole versions "dumbed down" or "distilled" like they say in the article. For known hardware reasons, consoles won't have the same grfx. And they tend to slow down the game a little for analog stick use. But overall it's the same thing. Same missions, same everything. COD4 was literally the same on consoles and pc. W/e. I just feel like some in the pc crowd still don't give consoles their credit. I really wanted this game for console, but I guess it's going to have to be on pc with low res again for me. :(

free2game3653514d ago

The big debate is accessability and mass marketing vs focus and niche. Why can't anything seem to be made for specific markets now without people from other markets complaining about getting a watered down experience? Why should a racing simulation controls and physics be dumbed down so it plays better on a gamepad, why should a first person shooter slow down and makes the enemy movement/aggression slower so it plays better on a gamepad? When it comes down to it, there are already games that fit that gamepad niche. Today there are almost no PC centric, mouse and keyboard, and technologically innovative first person shooters because of the large outcry for everything to be on each platform. There's a place and a market for everything, if you want a dual analog 8-10 button FPS you have killzone 2, new halo games, resistance, gears of war, uncharted, ect. PC games don't have anything designed for their gameplay standard and hardware when it comes to shooters, that whole market somehow was completely abandoned in an almost instant period.

Tehdaza3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

Same with the aim-assist you get in a lot of console shooters.

Some of my friends don't understand how you can play an FPS with a mouse and keyboard.

I tell them the next time they're trying to aim at a 3px target that's a mile away and that little mini-aimbot kicks in and locks on to the body of that enemy to come back and tell me that needing AI assistance to kill an enemy is superior to my twitch reflexes and accuracy to within on freaking pixel.

Look at your monitor. Look at it REEEEEALLY closely. See that little square? We can hit that with a gun. Can you?

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