97% of teens play videogames, remaining three are in comas

Destructoid writes: "Did you know that videogames were kind of a big deal? Evidently they're immensely popular with teenagers these days. Those younguns don't know how the games will rot their brains and eat their souls so they play them. In fact, according to a Fall 2008 study on videogames and their civic influences conducted by PewResearch Center, 97 percent of teens play videogames of some sort (99 percent of boys and 94 percent of girls). Now, this of course means anything from Gears of War to Tetris on your phone, but it's still a big number.

Also according to the study, 50 percent of all teens have played a videogame in the past day and 86 percent of them played that game on a console while 73 percent play them on a computer. Even cell phone games have a strong showing with 48 percent. As for the main purpose of the research it turns out that your civic outcomes aren't affected by how much you play videogames, meaning no matter how much gaming you do you won't become a better person through quantity of games played."

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Kakkoii3418d ago

No, 0.6% are in Comas. The other 2.4% have overly conservative parents who don't want their kids tainted by the devil's technology! BWUAHAHAHA!

WildArmed3418d ago

well since they are saying play, not own
is it fair to say those 2.4% have a social life n friends, they probably play video games at their friends place? Just not at their own house?

PS3istheshit23418d ago

umm i think everybody has a social life -_-
but the thing about rotting ur brain is probably true
i play call of duty a couple hours a week but since a year ago ive gotten slower at skool
i can never finish a math assignment in the class time anymore
i think most ppl that play videogames are active
i get outside a couple hours a day
but im still a fatty :(

Bubble Buddy3418d ago

naw, i still do well in school, have a social life, and good at video games no boost :P.

ELite_Ghost3418d ago

im pretty sure ur slower b/c u just spent less time for school.
games dont rot your brain but just take ur hw time.

rockleex3418d ago

That looks at ALL the different contexts of video gaming.

Previous studies only looked at specific details. Studies where they only looked at how angry a person gets after playing a violent game, compared to after playing a casual game. Totally ignoring that the person could just be frustrated at the high difficulty of the violent game.

You could tell they were just out to prove that video games made teens violent, doing it in a sneaky way. No matter how well a person tries to hide their intentions, it will always shine through in other ways.

At least there are right minded research groups interested in the effects of video game. ^_^

50CALheadshot3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )


annd in more interesting news:

ice cream is cold.

seriously, some dinosaur told me that in the past "rock and roll" was the devils music and the culprit of every bad idea.

for our generation, its video games. whoopeddidoo

GamerPS3603418d ago

all the docs, big scientists, good lawyers come from that 2.4%

50CALheadshot3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

but i think soulja boy makes more than those 3 professions, and as we all know, he sleeps with his favorite console. xP

rockleex3418d ago

sales, metacritic scores, multiplat comparisons, etc.

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lizard812883418d ago


lol, but really. i was watching the evening news, and they said 50% of girls play video games from ages 13-50, and 55% of guys play video games from ages 13-50, although this counts games such as minesweeper, and Solitaire

Shnazzyone3418d ago

99.9 percent of people are wearing pants on a regular basis.

rockleex3418d ago

Wait... WHAT!!! O_O

Where's my pants?!?! <_<

Oh wait, I'm wearing shorts. Whew. ^_^

NegativeCreep4273418d ago

Choking their chickens.

Wacking their buddies.

Squeezing their Weezels.

Making the Magic Snake Throw Up!

PinkUni3418d ago

those models are not teenagers

the minimum age of those people is like 24

bjornbear3418d ago

Come on, look at them, they just reek Wii Sports Resort and Hanna Montana on the psp xD

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