Intel air-cools Core i7 to 5.07 GHz!

BSN: "Intel Core i7 975 processor clocked to 5.07 GHz using nothing else but a specially designed air cooler. This is the fastest ever air cooled processor in the history of the IT industry."

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josh143993473d ago

thing is though most apps dont even use that many cores.

Kakkoii3473d ago

That's not all the cores are used for.

Let's say you have 2 applications running and 1 game running. Well, they can each have their own core to run on, so they don't affect the other programs running.

Programs using more than 1 core at a time is called multi-threading, and yes many programs aren't programmed for that. But the other point I made still stands. Plus it's about making the technology available so the developers have the option to implement multi-threading.

theEnemy3472d ago

yes, but it doesn't mean that they won't use it on future apps and updates.

Think of it like Blu-Ray and DVD.

Most games are fine on a 7.95GB DVD disc, but it doesn't mean that future games should only be limited to that. Hence Sony switched to Blu-Ray to give devs space for developing their games and such.

kevnb3472d ago

most games use dual core now, only a matter of time before they support quad.

SaiyanFury3472d ago

Wow that was impressive. I just upgraded to a 2.66GHz Core 2 Quad and Windows 7 increased my Windows Experience Index from 6.7 with my 3.5GHz OC'd Core 2 Duo to 7.2. I OC'd my Core 2 Quad to 3.25GHz and I got 7.3. I'm very happy with my CPU and the performance it gets me in Windows 7. After changing out to my new CPU I had to reinstall Windows 7, but installing things were extremely fast. Much faster than my dual core. The newer multicore procs are better than the last gen and it's awesome.

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-MoOkS-3472d ago

Teh CELL > Core i7.........

onijutsu3472d ago

does that really make you feel better, does it help you sleep at night, who gives a fek

Xbrainer3472d ago

Good luck building your next PC around "Teh Cell." Let me know how that works out eh?

DevastationEve3472d ago

you won't be able to build a consumer level desktop with it, but if you're interested in sever technology here's the specs on the CAB: cell accelerator board

it's funny, but why doesn't IBM just build a motherboard for it or team up intel or amd and do it through them?

Kakkoii3472d ago

"Compared to a modern personal computer, the relatively high overall floating point performance of a Cell processor seemingly dwarfs the abilities of the SIMD unit in desktop CPUs like the Pentium 4 and the Athlon 64. However, comparing only floating point abilities of a system is a one-dimensional and application-specific metric. Unlike a Cell processor, such desktop CPUs are more suited to the general purpose software usually run on personal computers. In addition to executing multiple instructions per clock, processors from Intel and AMD feature branch predictors."

SaiyanFury3471d ago

Really, Mooks. The Cell in the PS3 is meant for use only in the PS3. Modern CPUs in PCs are meant for mainstream applications like video editing and many other main tasks such as running internet browsers and other applications. The Cell is an marvel of processing potential, but it was never designed with main PC computations in mind.

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