Instant On Games HD Coming To 360, And GT5 To Feature More Than Just Damage E3 2009 HipHopGamerShow 6/7/09

1. Adam Sessler Guest Stars On The HipHopGamerShow
2. God Of War 3 Is Game Of The Show
3. Tecmo Says PS3 gives them more power for Quantum
4. Motion Control Battle Who Will Win
5. And Tons More For This E3 2009 Show

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3877d ago Replies(16)
Mindboggle3877d ago

wow he got an interview with jack tretton, he got my respect lol

WildArmed3877d ago

It's no doubt that he has journalistic skills.
Its just that some of his recent articles lead to a flame war or fuel it.

This was a great show, hope there will be more shows with more info then flamebait topics.


snaz273877d ago

i think alot of things can be turned into flaim bait but at the end of the day if there wasnt kids that get into rows over ganes consoles then it wouldnt be possible to bait flaming would it? you cant lay all the blame on hhg... ive seen enough articles that just says a certain game looks awesome and flaming still happens, just gotta ignore it i guess.

Carl14123877d ago

Jack T is an awesome guy. Poor bloke looked scared during that though

PotNoodle3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Jack trentton! Good job :p

I've seen you in a few videos now.. sarcasticgamer.. gamertag radio, seen you on a picture on the playstation blog.. You got around at E3!

xino3877d ago

I'm still pissed off man, I thought you'd give interviews that talk about games.

Like DarkWatch 2, Dead Island, Shenmue 3, Half Life 3, Eyedentify, MK Shaolin Monks 2 etc

We wait for TGS instead.

How are you gonna get your bag back!?

Godmars2903877d ago

As truthful, self-absorbed and self delusional as Peter Molyneux.

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The story is too old to be commented.