Yahoo Spain: Who has gained the E3?

Yahoo Spain: In summary, Microsoft has taken the idea of Eye Toy it has evolved, it and it has sold us the donkey. They had the mediatic idea they showed and it in an impeccable conference. After that beginning, the others did not have more remedy than to go to blast, like Sete Gibernau. The rest of conferences has been correct, immediately, without nothing than it raises the pulsations to us.

Who has been the winner for you?

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yoghurt3517d ago

hdeudbu dnweudn, oqwinsdiq, moqiwii, ookpo


I can write like that too.

jdktech20103517d ago

Just stop with fanboy war bait....please

PirateThom3517d ago

Microsoft has gained the E3 and it has sold us the donkey.

jdktech20103517d ago

360 has a game where you can play as a donkey.......

I bet Sony is dying to have that go multiplatform

ad4mb3517d ago

lmao that was a class read thanks :-)