Why Left 4 Dead fans should calm down about Left 4 Dead 2

Big Download doesn't like to editorialize in news stories but it's pretty clear that a lot of Left 4 Dead fans are very upset about Valve's surprise reveal during E3 2009 about Left 4 Dead 2. The game's new official message boards are full of comments saying basically, "Valve's releasing a sequel too quickly for us; this should be a free content update for the original game." As Valve's Doug Lombardi told BD during their play time with a build of the game this past week, "This is something new for us." By "new" he meant that this time Valve is not waiting for years to release a commercial follow-up to one of their major games. (Half-Life 2: Episode 3, hello?)

Many fans are not happy because they feel the original game (still a top 10 best selling PC game in retail stores months after release) will be forgotten now with Left 4 Dead 2's announcement. Again, Lombardi assured them at E3 that is not the case, promising that the first game will still be getting updates and new content (although exactly what they have planned is still a mystery). Lombardi also told Rock Paper Shotgun that any maps made for Left 4 Dead's SDK will work for Left 4 Dead 2.

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WildArmed4122d ago

because if they develop/upgrade the engine the game would be better than you can imagine.

I just hope valve get over their current source engine and move up a bit.
If gameplay meets graphics, this game could be what Left4Dead wanted to be.
*points at CGI vs gameplay*

Pandamobile4122d ago

You do know that all of Valve's trailers are done in-engine, right?

The L4D intro movies, the TF2 Meet the Team videos, all done in a tool within the Source engine itself.

The only difference between game-play and the trailers is full screen object motion blur which is added in post production.

WildArmed4122d ago

all i'm saying the source engine needs work.
If u have to tweak the videos to make em look better than they are in-game.
Then u need to bring it up a notch.

Valve has kinda grinded the source engine to the ground.
how about a new engine?

mistajeff4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

Source engine isn't exactly one engine, it's a hodge-podge (love that term) of tools and assets that they sort of cement together into an engine. They update it one piece at a time, currently they've only been focusing on the AI and doing the whole director thing.

EDIT: at least that's what i remember from reading interviews, i don't wanna go stating this and have it turn out to be completely false

SaberEdge4122d ago

I think the graphics in Left 4 Dead are just fine. Certainly good enough to present the game well and allow users to have fun. That is what games are about--fun. Remember?

Graphics matter, but judging by the trailer the graphics have been spruced up and the graphics weren't bad to begin with. When the difference in graphics is like between the Wii and the 360 or PS3, then yes it can have a noticeable impact. But when the difference is relatively minor like between Left 4 Dead 2 and other next gen shooters, then no, other things become much more important.

Anyway, I do think the people trying to boycott Valve are overreacting. We have already received some free downloadable content for Left 4 Dead and Valve are saying more is on the way. This is great, considering that many of us thought the game was well worth it solely based on the content it shipped with. Left 4 dead was one of the funnest games I played last year and nothing is going to stop me from enjoying the sequel.

-chaz-4122d ago

Source makes decent upgrades to their engine with every game they release. While some criticize the graphics for not being as good as other games, it's actually intentional.

Like the Call of Duty engine, Source is based on an older engine tuned for high frame rates even on older hardware. It's not as effects heavy as something like the Crysis engine, but gets better performance on fast-moving games.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

The last L4D didn't have much content, it relied on its replayability. To me, it felt like it should have been bundled w/ other games, kind of like the Orange box. 60$ is a lot of money to pay for a game, especially when you consider Valve didn't support the console version w/ patches.

I really don't think I'll be buying anymore Valve software in the future. Team Fortress Classic is one of my all time favorite games, I couldn't figure out why TF2 was so disappointing. It took Valve over a year to finally start improving it, and by that time, the online community had abandoned it.

Pandamobile4122d ago

Are you serious? TF2's community has increased tremendously since its launch.

At least triple what it started off with before the Medic update.

evrfighter4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

I like this part

"The game's new official message boards are full of comments saying basically, "Valve's releasing a sequel too quickly for us; this should be a free content update for the original game.""

Noooo wrong. I frequent the steam forums. They are saying

"Wtf Valve, what about all the interviews you guys did saying you'd be adding new weapons, new characters, new infected, and new campaigns to vanilla L4D?...I'm not buying this crap until you put your money where your mouth is"

Threats of a Boycott have worked against even the almighty moneygrubbing EA before. I see no reason why it wouldn't work against the highly reputable Valve.

kwicksandz4122d ago

I have read alot of ill informed garbage in my time in this site but that about takes the cake. TF2 is more alive now than it ever was. Valve Has numbers that show as much!

I suspect your brain is rotting from too much time in playstation home.

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Gun_Senshi4122d ago

i just wish L4D2 has way more content then L4D1 to justify full price game and not DLC or expansion.

Daz4122d ago

so you know everthing about l4d2?

Gun_Senshi4122d ago

I said "I WISH". Maybe it has maybe it does, but I wish it does.

interrergator4122d ago

hope they add more sh!t durin the summer but ill still buy it kuz i want to CHAINSAW SOMEONE :)

Pandamobile4122d ago

It does. Valve said L4D2 will ship with 5 full campaigns, Survivor mode for almost all the maps, and all5 campaigns will have VS. counterparts.

mastiffchild4122d ago

I guess my issues with this stem rom the fact that, basically the first gam feels light as full retail release as it's, to all intents and puposes purely an online game where the SP is just a light training session for the mp goodies. This being the case why was it a full price release and why should it be fair enough to do the same again?

Warhawk or Socom aren't and weren't full price and UT3 got the same criticism as L4D did from me and others. DLC, mods or not I still don't think full price is justified without a real SP campaign and that's also something which would make the game liable to be one of the all time great shooters rather than just a great hoot to play with some mates now and again-I feel it deserves a SP in line with the quality of the co-op and MP so why not?

If they can just do the same again and charge full for it I'm afraid I see why not and I don't expect this from Valve. I speak as someone who's actually bought the first game three times(twice for 360 cos of a dog sccident and also for PC)just to play with all my mates but I still think this looks like a cash in.

We've been asked to swallow lots this gen(Bethesda's constant habit of making gamers buy games for the dubious priveledge of QA testing them for them, "exclusive" meaning nothing anymore, DLC cons like Capcom forced on us with SF costimes and the Vs content for RE5, Sonm being arrogant and telling us to take extra jobs and MS foisting faulty hardware on us. I don't like to be told to swallow what looks like some more when I'm full of this stuff. I'm happy to apologise o Valve if they make the sequel correctly and it's full value but what they announced so far doesn't seem like it will be.

Marcelles254122d ago

thats one more level than the first one?

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Rhezin4122d ago

wow feel sorry for LFD fans. To pay another $60 for a game that has the size of a large DLC package is a waste. That's too bad the game looked cool, but it looks like this IP is heading down the rip-off road.

360DownINflames4122d ago

L4D sucked in the 1st place, glad it didnt come to the Ps3... Download it for my PC if anything but doubtful just wasnt fun.

Kaneda4122d ago

they need this game. This is only one of the few games they got this year. :) so they have to make it a new game instead DLC. :)

SaberEdge4122d ago

You guys are silly. Left 4 Dead 2 contains as much content and improvements as any sequel should.

I am going to buy it and enjoy it. You guys do what you want.

mistajeff4122d ago

People, people, c'mon. Let's all calm down and b!tch about the real issue here.

WHERE THE FLYING [email protected] [email protected] IS EPISODE 3!?!?!?!?! Maybe my memory is a little shotty on account of my years of wild hedonism, but I'm pretty sure Lombardi said they were going to reveal it before 2009, or at least a month or two after the year change.

solar4122d ago

put me up for wanting Ep.3 more than any other game thats gonna come out in the next 3 years. screw GoW3, screw the new Trico Project, screw Diablo 3, screw Champions Online, give me Ep.3 :D

-chaz-4122d ago

Episode 3 is going to be the sh!t. Knowing how Valve works they'll not release something until it is done right.

Tehdaza4122d ago

Valve really have missed the point of episodic gaming. When they announced Episode 1 back in 2005 I was expecting a game every 8 months or so just to wrap up the HL2 story.

Little did I know that we would still be waiting for the final chapter 5 years later.

mistajeff4122d ago

Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with them taking their sweet time to make it perfect. But they teased us about showing SOMETHING (more than concept art), and now I have blue balls.

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deshon094122d ago

maybe just maybe it didn't take for ever for them to make a new game thats always a +

WAR_MACHINE774122d ago

It's not really about how fast L4D2 is coming out, but more of an issue with the fact that L4D was lacking in content. L4D only had 4 campaigns and most weren't available for Vs. mode (I think it was only "no mercy" that had Vs. but I may be wrong), so L4D2 being announced now seems like a rip off because it seems that if L4D had been delayed then all this content would have been included and made a more well rounded game.

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