Sony Style stores done with 20GB model

Although there is no official word that the PlayStation 3's 20GB model is finished, the Sony Style stores haven't had them in stock for a long time and the mother ship is done with the model -- it's no longer listed on the site. Joystiq contacted and were told, "We haven't had it in stock for a month ... We're not getting any more. You could maybe go out and find one." Going to a Sony Style store isn't going to get you anywhere either. One store Joystiq called had the same story as A sales representative said, "We haven't gotten those [20GB] models in for a long time. We have plenty of 60 gig models in stock." When asked if the model had been discontinued he said, "Not officially ... but we haven't seen any in a long time."

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Spartan154274d ago

I didn't relize how unpopular this is, I thought some liked it.

wildcat4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

I've never seen it in person, but it looks really plain in photos, truly like the short end of the stick.

kornbeaner4274d ago

$500 they will make the market a little better for themselves especailly since MS if releasing the Elite.

TheMART4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

That´s just Sony marketing.

A person comes to a store, wanting to buy the 500 Euro version. It isn´t in stock. The person wants to game now not in 3 months when one 20 GB model comes in again. So decides to pay another 100 Euro now to get the 60 GB model.

THat´s the way it goes. No choice. Thanks Sony for not delivering the 20 GB model on purpose.


Brandon (below)

That´s not the point. You can choose to take a core or not. It´s there. If you don´t want it you take the premium. If you need HDMI and 120 GB HDD you take the Elite soon for 479.

It´s all up to the one that wants to buy the system.

Sony says they have two models, but only makes one to get in the store. That´s sh!t

Brandon4274d ago

well so thanks microsoft too for making a core version with no way to save game if you don't spend 90€ for hdd or 40€ for a crappy 64mb memory card

hfaze4274d ago

If Microsoft was actually all about choice, then:

1. You would be able to use USB hard drives with the 360
2. You would be able to use ANY 2.5" SATA hard drive with the 360
3. You would be able to use ANY webcam with the 360
4. You would be able to use ANY wireless headset with the 360

It seems like with the 360, the console itself is cheaper, but the accessories cost more.

But, I keep forgetting... It's all about CHOICE with the 360... You can CHOOSE to pay for extremely overpriced accessories!

gta_cb4274d ago

im not sure what to think, as i live in the UK and well at launch only the 60GB version was and still is available, but no 20GB...

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The story is too old to be commented.