RPGfan : Alpha Protocol Impressions

Patrick Gann writes "Obsidian has been hard at work on Alpha Protocol, and they've made big strides from the time of its announcement (last year) until now. Published by Sega, this multiplatform (PC/PS3/360) "modern spy" RPG is presently scheduled for a Fall 2009 release. We had a chance to meet with Matt Rorie (A wicked cool guy. -JohnM), Marketing Producer at Obsidian, to check out the latest "alpha build" of Alpha Protocol.

The game takes place in the "near future," and you play the role of a spy named Michael Thorton (Not the long-lost twin of San Jose Sharks Player Joe Thornton. -JohnM). It seems Thorton was betrayed by his former employers, and is now working independently to clear up his tarnished reputation, or perhaps, just get lots and lots of sweet revenge. After all, this is another one of those touted "moral choices" games."

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