It could do no wrong. Hundreds of millions of hardware units sold (enough so that you could find one in every three American households). A name that was near synonymous with "videogames"...similar to "Nintendo" during the late '80s. But last year, gamers turned on the PlayStation brand.

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TheMART4272d ago

Scottie that reported this. You say this story was submitted a month ago. How can that be when this is stated on the top of the article?

"by Dan "Shoe" Hsu & Shane Bettenhausen

Seems to me it´s just from a few days ago dude.

GrooveChampion4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

"Originally published in Electronic Gaming Monthly #213, March 2007"

^^Yeah, the above line is right above:

"by Dan "Shoe" Hsu & Shane Bettenhausen

It was also the cover story for the March 2007 EGM, same pic of a tomato splattered PS3. That means it came out in late Feb I think, and so yeah, it's an old article.

TheExecutive4272d ago

and the interview is from Jan. 07

techie4271d ago

proof of how old this is

"EGM: A while back we learned that Sony was looking into copying Xbox 360's achievements system, calling them "entitlements." Are you familiar with that?

JT: To be honest with you, I'm not familiar with the discussion."

Another interesting read nonetheless.

MikeGdaGod4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

i know its an old story because i have the mag right in front of me genius. i also remember reading it here and commenting on it.

check yourself before you mention my name.

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Newmanator4272d ago

I, PERSONALLY, think the Sony Playstation is and will be great. Still it is my opinion and others will enjoy reading the article.

TotalEklypz4272d ago

This is one of the better interviews I've seen in a while. Long as hell, but I read every word of it. 1up really stuck it to him and when I thought 1up had asked a question that would need danced around, JT answered straight up. We need more interviews like this. IMO after reading this and seeing the inside of 360 and PS3 side by side, PS3 is a quality product and should be around for awhile. It's up to us to accept it. I just wish fanboys could quit hating on eachother and realize we are a gaming community. PS3 has so much more potential and I'd hate to see it squashed before it reaches that point. Sony needs to achieve that potential and I feel 360 will have to make another Super Ultra Elite model to stay on par.

Shaka2K64271d ago

This is from emgcrap magazine it already shows you how this guys are getting paid to publish crap againts Sony and PS3, micro$oft must really be loving this and it only takes to give away free laptops to 30 year old virgins with no life moving them from alamaba to san francisco.

LMAO EGcrap sucks. nuff said!

slugg4271d ago

That EGM gives any love to the 360 or Microsoft? They also interviewed Peter Moore (twice!) and nailed him with just as tough of questions. Personally, I think Peter Moore was a little more forthcoming than this dude. Claiming you don't know something is just another way of dodging a question, and referring back to previous answers "rumble doesn't matter" by saying things like, "oh, we were in litigation at the time, what did you expect me to say" is still lying in my book.

BubblesDAVERAGE4271d ago

If u add up the numbers playstaion is number one with the psp,ps2 and ps3....sales..xboox will neva take over

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