Sony Sticks by PS3 Price as Sales Lag Behind Rivals reports:

Sony Corp.'s games-division chief ruled out any immediate cut to the $400 price of the PlayStation 3, whose sales lag behind cheaper game consoles from Nintendo Co. and Microsoft Corp.

edit: URL, title and content has been updated to reflect original source.

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morganfell3882d ago

Good. We do not need a cut. I am still getting the best games out there and I like the current PS3 crowd online.

Mindboggle3882d ago

I agree, they dont need one. They are not in a desperate situation, although the media likes to think so.

I still find it amazing how most games sell pretty much equal on PS3 and 360, despite a 7 million+ units advantage for 360. Just proves they dont need one really. If the software is selling then why do they need a price cut.

However a price cut would surely put them in a very very good position.

lociefer3882d ago

good thing theres no price-cut , keep the ps3 community matures, i dont like listening to kids yell and cry while playing online

himdeel3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

...could have saved up the extra $100 and bought the $400 system by now. [Broad Statement]I know $400 is a lot of money but if you cannot save that much money over the course of a year then you have larger problems than just wanting a cheap PS3.

Besides I read about people complaining about the price of the PS3 so much, I'm really starting to believe that even if the price was lowered to $300 people would complain about it not being $200. At this point I would not be surprised if the sales numbers didn't explode with a price reduction.

GIJeff3881d ago

with 12 million people on live, do you really think that only 40-50% have the internet? my best guess is the live numbers are closer to the real number of consoles in use. aka almost half of the total sold are dead and theyre counting replacements.

PS. i just got a there any way to make the horrible buzzing sound go away?

XxSpiiKeZxX3881d ago

listen with 400 $ u get EVERYTHING bluray, wi-fi, internet, games, reliability,free online and much more
the ps3 is doing fine i can understand everyone wants to get the best out there for the cheapest but sometimes u got to cough up a little more for much more quality...
but if they do give it a 300$ tag imagine the sales for the would eventualy surpass the 360
but to me i dnt care bout sales i jus want the best experiance

-MD-3881d ago

@1.4 Uhh buzzing sound?

ArsArcanum3881d ago

imo, it costs about the same as a 360 if u own the console for a few years due to the 360 live subscription fee.

not to mention blu-ray, wi fi, cheap hard drive upgrades, less hardware issues etc. It's just better value for your money

SprSynJn3881d ago

I am glad there are those out there that realize the value you get when you get this system. I got mine back when it was still $500 for a 60GB. And I still think it was a very good investment. Have absolutely no regrets about getting it, but I do wish I would have invested in the previous Playstation systems instead of the competition. I feel I missed out on some really awesome games. Still, it's great to finally own one of the family. I wonder if I will ever allow myself to experience the PSP Go...

50CALheadshot3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

yes . turn it off


i was having a debate witha guy on n4g that said: "The fact remains that Sony will drop the price this year and more people will be able to get it. Which is a good thing."

to which i responded: "listen i understand times are hard now. but if you cant make it rain, get another job.

theres no alternative, exclusivity has its cost."

furthermore, i agree with a sh1tload of your opinions above me. so instead of reiterating and beating a dead horse, ill just bubble u guys up

rockleex3881d ago

PSP Go = $249
PS3 = $299

Hmm... something is AWFULLY wrong about this picture. O_o

Anyways, it's still possible though, since they'll still be selling PSP-3000s.

Immortal Kaim3881d ago

The PS3 most certainly does need a price cut. If not in the US then in other regions. There is a huge disparity between Sony's pricing, for a 80gb PS3 (thankfully It now comes with Killzone 2) it's $699 RRP in Aus... Seriously they need a bloody price drop.

To put it in perspective, the 360 Arcade is RRP $299 (with 2-3 games at most places), Pro is $399 (with 2-3 games, and Elite is $549 (with 2-3 games)... The wii is $399...

So as you can see, Sony really needs to drop the price in certain regions.

50CALheadshot3881d ago

, honestly.

everyone overlooks major details like:

the world consists of more territory than just the north american soil.
also, sony has 3 platforms on the market. 2 of them outselling everyplatform continuosly. Of course, when these so called ANALysts make their ASSumptions, they never mention such things.....

funny, because if they did, then sony would obviously hold the upper hand

morganfell3881d ago

I am glad to read posts similar to mine here. Especially those that bring to light the ignorance of the average consumer. If they were to examine cost over time they would see the PS3 is actually cheaper than the 360. But the instant gratification crowd - the ones responsible for the worldwide financial mess - are not that bright. And the maturity remark is spot on.

Sony is more interested in quality and profit over bragging rights. That said they owned 30% of the TOTAL market last year. That includes ALL platforms - PCs too. They are not as worried as the press thinks.

table3881d ago

You guys are forgetting that SONY is in no rush at all to drop the price because we are looking at a console with a 10+ year life span. You don't drop the price in half(which is what it would be since the $600 launch) in the space of a 2 or 3 years when you are looking to make it have long legs.

shawnsl653881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

I should've bought more of Sony's (SNE:NYSE) shares. I usually do this before E3 each year. For some reason I forgot.. due to my SPNG stock sky rocketing during the past few months...

Syronicus3881d ago

You can always drop the price but you can NEVER bring the higher price back. As long as people realize they are getting a very good piece of hardware and are willing to pay the 400, Sony will continue to sell the unit at its current price.

I bought mine at launch and have never looked back. Even at its original price the PS3 was well worth it IMHO.

Lifendz3881d ago

when they can. All these critics and psuedo-analysists are begging for a price cut and saying Sony has to do it but if Sony does it and goes bankrupt they'll look back and say they never should've cut the price. Hilarious. It's 399.99. It's the same price as an Elite. It is the "elite" system of the three just based off the fact that it does so much more than the other consoles. Software sales are good, worldwide sales are great, and Sony's console is just hitting it's stride.

That said I expect Sony to cut the price by this Holiday season.

callahan093881d ago

At people talking about a mature crowd on the PS3... well, quite frankly I don't like playing games online very much on any console because none of them have a mature crowd. I used to get addicted to online games, but I'm mostly a single-player kind of gamer now unless I'm playing with friends locally. I just tried out the Uncharted 2 beta the other day, and while I really enjoyed the mechanics, the graphics, the controls, the level designs, and everything else about it, I had to turn it off after 2 matches due to stupid kids being ridiculous. The first match had some kid screaming the N-word at everybody and cursing up a storm because he has some kind of attitude problem. The second match had some other kid killing everybody on the team so he could take the statue back for the points. I said to him, "Hey we're on the same team here." I don't know. It was making me frustrated, I had to turn the damned thing off. And that was two matches in a row on a beta with a small user-base. Just goes to show, the horrible, annoying little kids show up everywhere online.

3881d ago
LoVeRSaMa3881d ago

1st in Japan and 2nd in europe does not = 3rd...

All-33881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

Sony is interested in profits - and nobody else in business is? LOL!

--> That said they owned 30% of the TOTAL market last year. That includes ALL platforms - PCs too. They are not as worried as the press thinks.

30% which includes ALL PlayStation consoles and ALL handheld gaming devices... yet Sony still lost money - YES?

The PS3 software and hardware sales certainly isn't 30% total market share... LOL

Oh no... Sony isn't interested in 'bragging' rights... nope nope nope... Just delete all those press statements about PSOne and PS2 sales.... just ignore all those E3 2009 charts Sony had up... LOL!

LoVeRSaMa3881d ago

PlayStation 3:
US- 3rd
EU- 2nd
JAP- 1st

US- 2nd
EU- 3rd
JAP- 3rd

PS3- 2nd
Xbox360- 3rd

Please someone explain this to me if its wrong, because I am sure these are the figures right now, and even if PS3 slips back down to 2nd in Japan its still on the same level as te Xbox360, except this year Sony have a MEGA line up...

Sony will make up the Total sales figures when Xbox makes its new xbox to compete with the PS3..

mattgdumb3881d ago

and if ppl actually opened up their eyes they would see how much more ur getting than u pay for im surprised it isnt any more money ppl are retarted ignorant bastards seriously compare all the things u get and can do wit a ps3 compared to 360 no comparison period!!!!!

DeadlyFire3881d ago

Slim PS3 = Price cut. Slim PS3 isn't going to be ready to ship until Fall most likely. Then we will see a $100 drop.

Beast_Master3881d ago

Why should Sony cut price in June? They may have the Price cut planned for when it matters (Fall). There are no system sellers really hitting until Uncharted 2, so why not wait until Oct/Nov when you can use the profit from PSP Go! to offset the pricedrop of PS3?

Last year Sony sold 10 million PS3s, they plan to sell 13 million by E3 next year. I don't see how they could do that without a planned price drop? They are behind last years pace of 10 million now, so either Sony has a price drop planned at some point before GoW3 or they have a lot of faith in Drake. I think they will live with selling 200k (US) consoles over the summer and I think to coincide with the PSP Go launch they will have the extra income to make up for a price drop in Oct.

neeno3881d ago

i hate all this fanboy suff!!!
as the owner of a 360 i say as price cut would always be good.
i love my 360, it cost me £215 with 7 good games and 2 controllers.
and i have to say its the best 215 quid i ever spent.

i know the ps3 is probably a better machine and understand why it costs more, damn good blueray player for a start, but when i went shopping cost came into effect.
in saying that if i wasn't for hardwiring it i might of went for a ps3, thinks it awful that its not wireless straight out of the box.

i dont mind paying for live, seems pretty good value the cost of a game here in uk, but i can only compare it with the wii, which i found to be bad.

so come on sony, make it cheaper so a family man like myself can easily afford it and have access to all the good bits from all the machines on offer. you should n't limit yourself to just one system, all this tribal sh1t over machines is a waste of web space.

cause as you all know the best games system, multi media system out their is a top line pc and not to many of us can afford that

da720izcumin3880d ago

you sir are an idiot...
since when did ps3 lead in europe...
and beside the gap between 360 and ps2.5
is only getting wider by the days...

gamera3880d ago

You know I use to feel good about my xbox 360 being in 1st place until the red ring of death and then i bought my second one and then the dvd stop reading disk and the only reason i bought a third one is because i have games for it, So I just wonder is the reason xbox360 is in the lead is because of the failure rate?? I feel like i bought a leamon whats going to go wrong next.

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KingItachi3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

I'm tired of people asking for one, Sony loses money on every PS3 sold so until the PS3 turns a profit there wont be one.

dragonyght3882d ago

even then they not suddenly drop the price now they start getting return

Christopher3881d ago

Actually, that was true only in the first year of the PS3. Now Sony is making a profit, though small, on each PS3 sold.

From their last statements, they will drop the price when the cost to make them get low enough that they will still make a profit on each sale.

yoghurt3882d ago

The PS3 does not need a price cut. You are paying a premium for the best gaming out there and the ability to watch Blu-Rays from one box, after Killzone 2, then E3 seeing Uncharted 2, God of War 3, GT5, The Guardian, Agent + more, it has only reaffirmed that exclusive games are now surpassing what the 360/wii can offer

And, if there was a price cut coming, they wouldnt tell you would they! random: "excuse me Sony, are you having a PS3 rice cut?" sony: "yes, that is correct, as of September the PS3 will be $100 cheaper, so please, don't go and buy one now, everybody wait until then"


baodeus3881d ago


I kept hearing Sony fanboy claiming their games are the best and xbox fanboy claiming their games are the best.....

How is that possible?

The thing is, both consoles have good games....owning only one console give u the illusion that one is better than the other while people who own both know they both have great games, except well one is cheaper than the other one, while the other one have free online (although i seriously think Sony should charge for online to help them improve the dam PSN, no money no improvement.) It is like u opening up a company without support from investors. In business world, there is only money...period.

If you guys want to support Sony, go and subscribe Qore or should help them out paying 3 dollars a month for online. U just can't get everything u wanted and demand that they should do it for free. Jeez, other people need to feed their family and such....they don't have time to do charity so that u guys can have your bragging right.

kids that doesn't have a job bragging about owning a console that was given to them by their parent. Go get a job (although not right now, cause it is really hard to find one....see that is real world for u).


STOP PREACHING TO MAKE OTHER PEOPLE BUY SONY PRODUCT. Sony reliability just isn't as great as they used to be. I never had any CD or DVD player from Sony that last for more than a year. And yes i do know 4 people that had PS3 and 2 of them have to pay $150 dollars right after one year warranty expiration, because the PS3 refuse to read disk (same problem that happen to the CD and DVD player for some reason). I don't know why Sony still have not improve on that aspect.

mrv3213882d ago

Sony not dropping there PRICE on a blu-ray player, with a built in hard drive, web feature, advanced graphics they are monsters!

But seriously how much would a 360 cost to get upto similar specs?

360 60gb with two games £170 PS3 60gb with 3 games £300

So first we need wireless that's


360 60gb with two games £220 PS3 60gb with 3 games £300

Online pay


360 60gb with two games £260 PS3 60gb with 3 games £300

HD-DVD player


360 60gb with two games £310 PS3 60gb with 3 games £300

HD cable 360 free PS3 £10

360 60gb with two games £310 PS3 60gb with 3 games £310

Both console are the around the same so please leave it. The PS3 doesn't need a price drop. It has great games and it's got great value for money.

Bucky Sligo3881d ago

You get a wireless controler for free and HD-DVD have been discontinued. Clearly you don't know whats going on.

Arsenal4Ever3881d ago

You're silly... HD-DVD was discontinued time ago and no games are on HD DVD for a start so forget that. Not everyone wants wireless either so for me you'd cut that one out.

swiftshot933882d ago

OT: Sony should raise the price of the PS3. Not everyone deserves to play The Last Guardian :P

PirateThom3882d ago

I agree.

The PS3 should retail for no less than $1000/£700/€750. This will make the PS3 an exclusive club, while also giving early adopters reason to be happy.

kaveti66163881d ago

Never thought I'd see the day.

Christopher3881d ago

You must have never played an MMORPG :p