What To Do With a Problem Like Fanboys

Focusing on the 'Fanboy' and how this trend charts back to the golden era of the Spectrum/ Commodore 64, and before; Gameztraffic's very own Game Demon looks at what to do with the problem and how it affects many a mature game discussion or multiplayer experience.

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DavidMacDougall3877d ago

Write it into a article to get hits?

Reshun3877d ago

You can't win an argument against an idiot.

table3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

haha yeah exactly. I like the phrase; how can you possibly try to rationalise with someone who is being totally irrational.

i3eyond the Circle3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Well on N4G I use the Ps3 ones to give me bubbles.

Pretty much you use them as a form of entertainment say something nice and see how they skip and praise, say something bad watch them attack.

it's like watching something on Animal Planet.

Because there just people who talk.....and there words mean nothing and will never result to anything changing gaming so I'll continue to use them as a form of entertainment.

Call me the Phantom Fanboy...

I'll praise the ps3 on this site hate it on the other same goes for the 360.

My first days on this site went from 5 to 8bubbles conjuring up crap appraisals towards the Ps3 and these guys followed and listened just exampling the vulnerability of these people.

God help them if they ever get into a fist fight.

guesty813877d ago

Exactly, but like I said in my article why not add a scoring system for Fanboy baiting, we could have leagues and everything lol

Arsenic133877d ago

Laugh at how pathetic their lives are. They scour the opposing consoles news feed, then comment. They dont even get time to play the console they worship.

Boty3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Fanboys are one of those things. I Enjoy engaging in a intelligent conversation with anyone about video games as long as it stays opinion based and doesn't involve the "Well this game is better because its the best FPS ever made..." comments.

I really hate when people say something about someone thats not true just because they own a specific console. That always seems to get things going as far as fanboys goes. For example:

"Those [Place Fanboy type here] are so gay because he/she has a [Console Goes Here] and enjoy playing [Place game here]".

Why must people say something bad about someone just because they have or enjoy using a specific console? I don't get it.

And yes I do get a little bit fanboyish myself, but its kind of hard not to when you read some of these really horrible comments.

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