Rumor: Modern Warfare 2 to release on Wii after all

A possible release for Modern Warfare 2 on Wii wasn't looking too promising after it was noticed that the game was missing from both an online retail listing and was absent from the title's official website.

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knox3448d ago

i dont see why they wouldnt put warfare 2 on at war sold ok didn't it?

SinnedNogara3447d ago

World at War sold over 1 million on the Wii. It just sold slowly though.

LynyrdSkynyrd3447d ago

Well... if you played [email protected] on wii, there wasnt really any waggle.

And im not really surprised if this rumor turned out to be true.
For those who watched the e3 demonstration, remember the cliff-climbing scene? Seems like they did that for wii controls. I mean, pressing L, R alternatively isnt exactly fun... And the snow mobile? I think that would be great for wii too.

Plus World at War on wii sold 1 million 2 months ago, so by now its probably around 1.3 million.

The only problem is.. there never was a Modern Warfare 1 on wii..

mrv3213447d ago

Oh ok, so it's currently coming to PS3, 360 and PC. That would be ok, but you can tell when a company is in it for the money when they begin to out-source to other companies so their game can be released on as many platforms as possiple.

Let's look at [email protected]

PS2(Yeah PS2)

So yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if the same happend to COD 6, yes 6, don't get carried awya by modern warfare 2. It's full sequel to COD and so it's COD 6.

It turns out COD:WAW also runs on windows mobile, I don't even know what windows mobile is.

Maybe COD 6 will run on dos.

ambientFLIER3447d ago

Every company is out for money. That's the point of a company. The only reason they create these new and wonderful games, and give gamers what they want, is because that gets them more money. They don't care about anything else.

TheColbertinator3447d ago

I hope it does.Everyone needs to try out the new Infinity Ward game

MGOelite3447d ago

it looks like its been designed for noobs, what the hell is with the gun with the radar glued to the side of it... remind me of summat from timesplitters 3 that wrist thing you had

ChickeyCantor3447d ago

" t looks like its been designed for noobs, what the hell is with the gun with the radar glued to the side of it.."

Reeegenarating health....Noob enabled since the first FPS game doing that =)

jmare3447d ago

When wasn't COD made for noobs? Also, you don't have to keep that gun to prove how manly you are.

BLuKhaos3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

Actually that radar attachment was there to help the player see where they're going in that snow level.I highly doubt it's going to be in the multi-player.

cyberwaffles3447d ago

i could be wrong, but im almost positive that was a pulse sensor. i never used such a device on a gun, but i remember reading an article that stated pulses are the easiest and most efficient way for weeding out people in the cold since the air is less dense and certain tech have microscopic vibratio sensors to pick it up. im never wielded guns with attachments like that, but im sure thats what it is.

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dogmeat eater3447d ago

Its going to be pretty average on the wii

-MD-3447d ago

The point is to get more sales.

LynyrdSkynyrd3447d ago

..Why did someone disagree with MurderDolls? Thats exactly the point of it.

TheMART3447d ago

They could better use the money to make extended DLC and sell it on XBL/PSN, that way they would earn more then the nr of copies they'll sell on the Wii.

Wii sells sh!t. Even 1 mln. for COD5, thats pathetic seen it has the biggest installed base, but gets slammed in sales by the 360/PS3.

IF is all for quality, not for a sh!tty semi Gamecube on steroids release.

SinnedNogara3447d ago

Seriously, shut up!! The only good post you made was the religion forum.

Call of Duty 5 on the Wii still has a installed base doesn't it?? They would still make money right?? And with that update (Wii Update 4.0), the Wii can support DLC.

Read the like Captain Spammo!!

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Carl14123447d ago

Why are Wii owners so bothered? It's just a generic FPS like every other FPS out there. Nothing special at all. COD:MW was good because it was original and not like every other FPS out there. That was the only reason it was good though.

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