Sony's Wand Technology Sent Out A Fierce Message To Competitors Hours After They Comfortably Assumed Victoy

"Twiggy", PushSquare: "You've been waiting to hear what I thought about E3 2009 and here it is: everyone did great; except Ubisoft. Seriously though, I thoroughly enjoyed Microsoft, Nintendo and, of course, Sony's press conferences. They all had a little something to offer to whet the appetite. The Beatles: Rock Band was a perfect opener for Microsoft, which actually blew away any scepticism I had for that game. I think Metroid: Other M looks absolutely phenomenal. And as for Sony, well, I think their motion controller was the best example of a motion controller I've seen - including Project Natal and Wii Motion Plus."


Apologies for the typo on the word "Victory".

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Genesis53879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

Well they are all fighting over the Wii crowd now. I personally have no intentions of playing motion control gaming, If I need exercise I'll grab my tennis racket or my golf clubs and head outside.

If I'm gaming only my fingers and thumbs will be moving.

LoVeRSaMa3879d ago

Its good because both Sony and microsoft have dipped into Wiis market more, which means that some Casual gamers will be more familiar with both PS3 and Xbox360 its an advancment in gaming but a main win for hardcore gamers who will have casuals possibly invest in there console..

get2sammyb3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

I really enjoy motion controls depending on the subject matter they're being introduced to.

What's interesting is whether Sony's controller will create some synergy with third-party developers and their Wii endeavours. Given they are slightly similar in design - might we see franchises like No More Heroes and Raving Rabids being brought to the PS3?

This may be where Natal loses out given it's lack of controls and "distance" from the crowd.

I wonder how third-parties feel about having to create essentially three different control schemes if they want to make true "multiplatform" motion control games?

UltimateIdiot9113879d ago

I don't hate motion control if it's done right and useful in a game. If it's sloppy work and a lame attempt to make use of the motion control then no thanks.

I would love to see a Star Wars game done right with motion control or maybe a Robin Hood game. I'm really interest in the bow and arrow idea.

TheTwelve3879d ago

Agreed...I suppose both Sony and Microsoft want to grab that Wii crowd but I'm certainly not part of the Wii fad.


Downtown boogey3879d ago

I bought it for the prospective swordplay mechanics and the fact that you could aim at the screen. Aiming worked nicely but swordplay wasn't even near to become reality. With Sony's product I see, SAW it happen! I've sold my Wii ages ago and subsequently bought a PS3. I've got great games, great graphics and now maybe even the thing that Wii was supposed to provide.

Buying the Playstation Motion Controller as soon as it releases :)

INehalemEXI3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

I was thinking the same thing along those lines that prototype throwing ninja stars , arrows , sword play, the golden gun fps it was all very precise. Sony's greatest move wont be a motion control scheme to counter wii though.

I think the price drop will be what will usher another momentous wave of sales. Give first what gamers have been asking for.

Raf1k13879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

edit: crap, replied to the wrong place

Qdog3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

This could light the industry ablaze in areas previously thought to offer only the cold shoulder. I see it like this, what are the only drawbacks to sparring/boxing? Head injuries and fatigue, and as a former golden glove, this excites me. If they implement this correctly into a boxing game, you could get excellent core training, hand-eye coordination, cardiovascular endurance, and even weight-loss, without having to worry about inherent head injuries, or working outside a pace that your used to. Of course that kind of implementation can only benefit from the most extreme precision and control. There are many other avenues that could see motion control benefiting the industry as well as the consumer, that I havent seen anyone touch yet. In closing, it could be a blessing or a curse, depending on the developer's motive, talent, and creative vision. As of now it's up in the air, but I am anxious to see what can be done, by one of the most creative and innovative companies in the industry...

Information Minister3879d ago

... By releasing a new motion controller, Sony is basically acknowledging that the sixaxis was a miserable failure.

Qdog3879d ago

I was a launch owner. I think Sony understands that in order to repair, improve and cement the image of their products, they need to re-invent, and improve their existing products. That is the nature of innovative technology, driving ever forward. I used the sixaxis extensively, at least 3 times per game, to give it a good judgement. What I see is a device that fulfills it's intended purpose, and it does it to a high degree of accuracy, however new technology presents it's own developer's incentives and rewards. So I see that the sixaxis was a success, and this was on the corporate roadmap for a long time, a sort of natural progression. I expect even more from the likes of Sony in the future, but just because they keep giving us a better and better quality experience, does not make their existing technology a failure. I hope you can give me more elaboration so that we can reason and deduce your logic together.

Oner3879d ago

The true irony is that a sixAxis controller can be in someways utilized in conjunction WITH the PS Eye AND the new motion controller to have an even more immersive experience with technology already in everyones hands.

TheTwelve3879d ago

Completely disagree with the sixaxis being a "miserable failure". It's good enough for the hardcore gamer without being gimmicky and is a great addition to plenty of Sony exclusives.


boodybandit3879d ago

So in your opinion anything that is made better or taking in a new or different direction is admitting failure? If that is true then Nintendo, MS and Sony have all failed time and time again.

I could go on for hours about all of the revisions and upgrades all of them have been through over the years but I know my efforts would be in vain so I wont bother.

Trebius3879d ago

What if it's raining...?

Then you'll wanna play indoors right...?

Or what if you dont have a tennis court in the area...

Or what if you dont wanna play tennis or golf, but you want to hack and slash?

Can you do that outside too?

s8anicslayer3879d ago

Sony, although they appeared to have some minor bugs with their prototype had some interesting concepts with incorporating the eye toy, but although many people don't want to admit it was nintendo that brought the technology to the mainstream when many people thought it would be a joke including myself.

JohnnyBadfinger3879d ago

Motion controllers are pointless.
Microsofts is flawed in many ways, Nintendos hasn't really changed and Sonys... well, that looks like a dildo your swinging around mate, and i think your mum might want it back.

I for one would not be looking into getting any of the motion controller cause well i don't let my grandma and grandpa play the Xbox nor do they want to, same with my folks, they don't give a s***

And honestly ask your self, are you really excited about swinging your mums dildo around the room? hmmm.... i thought not.

50CALheadshot3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

+ bubbles for both right above me

rockleex3879d ago

Would really love that Sony motion controller!

Especially if Sony adds vibration. ^_-

shawnsl653879d ago

give me a motion control gun for Uncharted 2 so I can pretend to be an action hero.

KKanjiAnkh3879d ago

I luv how people believe Sony to just make a complex console, then all of a sudden start letting all the same B.S shovelware games come to the PS3.

Every system has casual games of some sort, it just depends how much your willing to risk your brand from the beginning to 2-3 yrs later.

When I see games like Last Guardian, Uncharted, and all the weird IP's that have brought them this far, I can't imagine the crazy stuff they will produce.

I look at creativity out of longevity, especially through companies and what game types their audience accepts.

We'll see how all this plays out, but in the meantime peripherals still don't leave a great taste in VIDEO GAMERS mouths.

Syronicus3879d ago

I have to say that what you said there was a bit sad. SIXAXIS is actually pretty cool when implemented correctly and has been used well in many games. No need for Sony to make a reasoning for folks to like it, it works well when used right. Any other new controller is not an apology for SIXAXIS but rather an addition to the gaming community and a step in the direction of the casual gamers.

3879d ago
jamesrocks31473879d ago

microsoft has a camra only a camra no controller and will cost a bomb.
nitendo has a motion controller but to make it more accurte with wii motion plus but still not as good as the ps3 motion controller you have to buy the add on

ps3 on the other hand has the playstation eye. and the new motion controllers better then the wii, conbined with a very powerful console the ps3 itself, if you think about that for a second it beats the wii and xbox natal, why? because the eye camra for ps3 can see your movement and even tho it HAS NOT been demoed the cam does have a 4 way microphone bulit into it so it could do voice reconistion like the xbox on and because you can have 1 or more controllers thats so precise.... the playstation motion controller with the camra out does all competion as sony said in there demo " you need buttons for some parts of games like a trigger to use in first person" with natal u cant shoot with your hands can you its not that advanced... sorry microsoft but controllers are set to stay for along time

nycredude3878d ago

So what are you going to do when you have an urge to battle dragons, and knights, and demons in a midevil setting?

Are you going to grab your shield, sword and bow & arrow and go hack some poor dude on the street?

Come on be real. You may not like it but there are plenty who are licking their chops over this tech, me included.

Give me Demon's Souls with motion controls.

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DA_SHREDDER3879d ago

yeah right you guys are full of crap. You aren't hardcore if you gonna make ridiculous comments like that.

hokis4ever3879d ago

Yo Bro, i'm seriously Hardcore! Hardcore to the MAXXXX.


i3eyond the Circle3879d ago

They must've not gotten the message but Natal isn't just motion controlling.

If Sony sent out such a fierce message why is Natal still the most talked about thing on this damn site.

Mostly positive but filled with people bashing of course.

Not 1 thing Sony showed at E3 has hit the surface besides the games we've known of already.

Kratos ripping a Head Off is Sony's highlight of the week.

get2sammyb3879d ago

Because Natal presented people with a video documentary of a concept that is clearly impossible by todays standards. Naturally, people are taken aback by such "claims" - but alas, "Milo" will be for 360 owners what "that Killzone 2 target render" was for Sony and then some I'm afraid.

Where Killzone 2 met some of the claims implied by the target render - I'm afraid to break it to you that even the worlds best computer scientsts can't create real artificial life. And they certainly can't do it within a four year old video games console.

Sony's motion controller actually demonstrated (live, not pre-recorded video footage) an unparalleled level of accuracy and responsiveness. And they also showed the thing working in "game-like" scenarios.

This whole thing about Milo "changing the face of technology" may be true -- but the big word in that sentence is "may be". It'll probably be 100's of years before you are interacting with RPG's in the way that the Milo (pre-recorded) tech demo implied.

Microsoft have it all to prove now. They made a splash and they got the "space age" reaction they expected to. Show me something that makes this more than a very well kitted out Eye Toy/Vision Camera and I'll believe. Until then Natal is nothing more than over-hyped pipe-dream, pre-recorded in a "target video" that promises a future not even NASA scientists can construct.

And for that I think Microsoft will be concerned by Sony's more "realistic yet obviously working" approach.

SpoonyRedMage3879d ago

Well Sony's control may have buzzwords like Submillimeter precision but is it actually useful for anything other than writing?

Everything else they shown can be done with the Wii motionplus which is working in actual games and available next month.

It seems more powerful but impractically so when it doesn't do anything that the Wiimote can't now, plus it won't work as well in low light and it'll be more expensive.

i3eyond the Circle3879d ago

If Molyneux got on stage and started off saying..

"Yes I have created the worlds first A.I. Sentient being and it is exclusively to Xbox360 watch how it works."

Then maybe I'd call BS...but he didn't.

Molyneux is trying to create an app that can be the foundation for new ones a prototype to a prototype.

His extensive work and tweaking of Natals voice and motion movements with Milo can be the calibration needed for developers to create games that use its full potential.

Just like N4G people cannot think there way out of a wet paper bag with a hole at the bottom.

RyuStrife3879d ago

It'll work in low light. It tracks the light diodes on the controller. But I believe the point behind Sony's controller is, 1:1 on an HD console. Sure it may be expensive, but we don't know yet.

get2sammyb3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

You're right, he didn't. He implied it by creating a sneakily edited video documentary that was clearly scripted.

At no point did he go out of his way to suggest what was being shown may not actually be the way the final project/engine would work did he?

Instead he hyped this project as one that would earn him covers on the front of "Science" magazines.

Microsoft clearly went for the "shock" tactic - and you're right. Clearly it has worked. It doesn't mean Milo will work though.

The Richochet ball demo will, mind. Hence why they showed that on stage. It's realistic. Everything else? Not so. Views echoed by those who have actually used it.

LeonSKennedy4Life3879d ago

Because MS made it look like Natal was ready to sell to the customer...which is not correct at all.

TrooGamer3879d ago

@ Spoony

Will it really be that much more expensive? PS3 camera is £25 and guessing the controls may be another £25 so its about the same as the Wii Remote and Nunchuck

But we see when it release. Sony will release a motion control bundle and console at the price drop price

Good luck to all 3 companies i say

SpoonyRedMage3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

Ahh good point it can track the light but it still means it would work innefficiently as it wouldn't be 1:1 as you could move it the wand without moving the light. Rotating in a sphere...

I wonder if it detects how hard you swing?

@^: If the individual remots can track as well as motionplus and there's two wands it's bound to be more expensive.

TheTwelve3879d ago

Why is Natal the most talked about thing on this site?

Excuse me, but don't you know that Microsoft managed to put Halo 3 on soda cans?

In other words, it's being shoved in our faces; Microsoft is very good at that.

Now, it's getting spoken about because the thing is a fake.

But I can promise you that in a month, nobody will be talking about Natal/Milo.


Raf1k13879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

it would be very difficult to have motion sensing technology detect how hard something is being thrown.

motion sensors track motion only. they are incapable of tracking the amount of kinetic energy behind the motion.

one way around it could be to have pressure sensors in the controller so that the harder it is squeezed, the more force the software can allocate to the object thats being used on screen.

edit: really? i didnt know that. I would have thought that it would sense the controller moving faster and have the software allocate more in-game force.

edit2: i think i should probably check out red steel 2

edit3: i thought id add this so people know what im thinking. anyway, im assuming the way it works in red steel 2 is that the faster you move the controller, the harder you hit the enemy.
this makes sense and works well since you do need more kinetic energy to move it faster so you are definitely adding more force.
but, if you were to hold the controller above your head with one hand and swing it down as fast/hard as you can and then do the same but with both hands, the game probably wouldn't notice much difference even though you are using twice as much force

SpoonyRedMage3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

Umm dude... the Wiimote can detect how hard you swing it. It's plays a key role in Red Steel 2 as there's heavily armoured enemies that require harder swings to get through their armour.

@Troogamer(way down low): True but the Wii should and could always be cheaper and by the time motion controls are fully adapted for play and in the shops the Wii HD could be here.

velaxun3879d ago

that would work because of the accelerometers in the wiimote. In case you didn't know the wiimote doesn't work with a camera, it uses IR sensors to detect the location of the wiimote in regards to your TV set and the accelerometers to detect motion and direction. There's a good chance sony would have accelerometers in their motion controller as well because as Raf1k1 said, a camera alone can't detect kinetic force. However it's possible that they may use the speed of a swing to attempt to estimate force.

Cenobia3879d ago

The PS3 motion controller basically works the opposite way the Wiimote does, and that makes it better in my opinion. Instead of aiming an infrared beam at a small reciever, the eye toy tracks lights on the PS3 motion controller.

How much better would that make something like FPS games? I tried playing Red Steel and it was a nightmare. You can't turn too far or the Wii completely loses the signal. That wouldn't happen with this (although that is just an assumption at this point).

Anyway, I see far more use in something like this over Natal. Jumping around an empty room seems so stupid to me. The menu/voice stuff was cool, but I doubt it will be worth the money its going to cost. I see really cool applications for the PS3 motion controller in games like oblivion.

Raf1k13879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

what you mentioned about only being able to turn so much with the wii-mote before it loses the signal got me thinking about the ps3 version.

its true that that won't be a problem for it since it doesnt use IR but the glowing balls need to be viewable for the camera for it to work. if anything was to come in between the balls and the camera it wouldn't be able to tell where it is would it?

if you were to be swing two controllers around like in the sword + shield demo, you could easily end up putting one arm in front of the other controller

edit: this may or may not be a problem. i guess we'll have to wait and see

cliffbo3879d ago

natal was a mock up/fake it does`nt work yet!

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Montreafart3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

Innovation. Sony is committed to bringing true next gen gaming experience. And to do this, they will innovate and transform the gaming industry. It is clear year in and year out, that Sony is the true industry leader.

Since the launch of the PS3, Sony has given us Little Big Planet, Home, 60 vs 60 players (soon to be 256), an ever evolving PSN network, superior Blu Ray format and games that are technically lightyears ahead of the competition. Games that can only be done on the PS3.

It is clear to anyone in this industry that Sony has changed gaming to a new level much like Nintendo.

Where as Nintendo has changed gaming by being the first to introduce motion sensing controls, Nintendo has opened the gates for the casual market to enter the "nerdy" imagine of the gaming industry.

The only one that has failed to deliver anything, is Microsoft. Microsoft has arguably hit rock bottom, as its failed dirty tactics are not working and the more and more people see them for what they are: a big fat LIE.

If Nintendo wii did for gaming what the 8bit Nintendo console did, then Sony will do for gaming what the 16bit Snes console did.

Microsoft meanwhile seems like the 32DX add on for the Megadrive that will flop all around.


Also for those idiots and xbots like spoonymage who completely missed the point of the writings: they wrote something on paper not for the sake of writing something but to demonstrate the milimeter accuracy of their technology. Something NEITHER MS nor Nintendo has at the moment.

Also, Sonys motion project may not be the most talked about right now, but the kits are already at the hands of the developers right now. Just like with all Sony Triple A exclusives, their games will do the talking for them.

All bots are owned and are right to fear the PS3. We told you last year: the PS3 was just warming up. Wait till you see 2009, wait till you see 2010. Wait till you see 2011.

We tried to warn you. But did you idiots listen? Haha hell no. Arrogance and stupidity are the two well known xbot characteristics.

Here is another warning, bots.
You thought PS3 2009 is to be feared? Wait till you see 2010 and 2011.

Arnon3879d ago

1. You fail at this kind of comment. Absolutely terrible. Do not go into marketing.

2. NEVER... And I mean never, brag about home, or the number of players in a game. Those are the types of things that are so terrible to justify a purchase, that they only make the PS3 look worse if you were to talk about them. "My PS3 can play 256 people!" So? It's already proven that Resistance 2's 60v60 was absolutely terrible by the masses and it's overall success.

3. I guarantee you, that Sony will not market their dinky wand. It WILL be overshadowed by the Wii with no effort whatsoever. Not to mention Natal. Because Microsoft is actually smart, and they feel the products they work on for a while deserve to have success.

4. The Playstation 3 has no release dates. There is 1 confirmed game for 2009 and that is Uncharted 2. MAG, Heavy Rain, Ratchet & Clank, Demon's Souls, White Knight Chronicles (though, why would anyone want this), etc. do not have a release date. There is nothing to fear about the Playstation 3. It's still struggling to help Sony in the least bit. And is selling less than it's previous iteration, the Playstation 2 every month. Sony better start working harder, because its either now or never for them to pull through. We already know that they're not going to have more success than the Xbox 360 this gen. But it doesn't even have more success than the Playstation 2.

5. Try harder.

jeseth3879d ago


Not only do their PS3 exclusives now set the bar by which most games are measured, they are always the ones taking the technology risks that seem skeptical at first but before you know are all features that are put in their competitors products. To deny it is just plain bias.

Not to mention that PSone and PS2 combined have outsold all Nintendo consoles COMBINED (NES + SNES + N64 + GC + Wii, never mind what PS3 sells over its lifetime added in. Don't believe it, look it up. To bring Xbox in is even more humorous! PS2 alone has sold more than Xbox + Xbox 360 combined . . . . then DOUBLED.

Sony is the trend setter in technology and is an absolute gaming giant. But then again . . . Blu Ray is going to fail . . . . must be why DVD sales are down from last year and Blu Ray sales are double what they were a year ago. Yeah Sony has no idea what they are doing.

Keep hating, your denile is amusing.

cereal_killa3879d ago

"The Playstation 3 has no release dates. There is 1 confirmed game for 2009 and that is Uncharted 2. MAG, Heavy Rain, Ratchet & Clank, Demon's Souls, White Knight Chronicles (though, why would anyone want this), etc. do not have a release date."

Mag and R&C both have 2009 release dates they were confirmed by the developers on the G4 E3 shows Heavy Rain, Demon Souls and WKC I can't confirm except for HR has a 2010 date for sure.

Montreafart3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

So stop hating on the PS3. Its not the PS3 thats killing your system (ok, maybe it is) but if your system wasnt such trash, it wouldnt fail so hard.

And no release dates on Demons souls people. Nevermind the fact that its already out with English voices and subtitles. PS3 is regionfree after all so shipping one from Hong Kong would merely cost me 10-20 bucks extra.

I bet your puny xbot ass that you actually think your console matters. I have some news for you, xbot. It doesnt. Xbox 360 is absolutely irrelevant now.

Everything it does, PS3 does WAY better. 360 has 3 or 4 exclusives this year. Didnt you hear Jack Tretton during E3? PS3 has 36 exclusive titles THIS YEAR.

Talk about being outmatched on EVERY front. 360 is so sad that the games they show you on E3...they had to force Epic to go on stage to show off an ARCADE game. Haha. Thats the state your box is in kid. And meanwhile you think you have games. right...

Compare that poor showing with the Sony conference. Shiat man, they had sooooooo many games, that they couldnt even show off half of that shiat! Youre outmatched on every front. Be it Blu Ray, HDMI not needed, harddrive for installing, to free online to games.


Hey man, lets compare

XBOX 360
Modern warfare 2 demo (multi platform): A week timed exclusivity for mappacks (that MS is bragging about such irrelevant features shows how desperate they have become)

Assassins Creed demo (multi platform): REAL exclusivity items PSP connectivity

Winner: PS3

Xbox 360

FF7 announced for DLC IMMEDIATELY

Winner: PS3

XBOX 360
MGS:R announced (multi platform)

MGS peacewalker the true sequal

Winner: PS3

XBOX 360
avatar racing. Yippie thats what I always wanted! /sarcasm

MODnation racing

Winner: PS3 absolutely destroyed 360. No contest.

XBOX 360
shows off 5 minutes of Rockband beatles due to one exclusive song

Lost planet 2 announced for PS3

winner: PS3 continues the PWNDING

XBOX 360
FF live on stage "demo" (can you even call it a demo, its 1 battle, they showed off Odin lmao)

NEW trailer of FF13
FF14 announced timed exclusive for PS3 + worldwide premiere first time footage ever

Winner: PS3 DESTROYS the 360

XBOX 360 shows off some underwhelming games:
Splinter cell
Alan wake demo (luigi's mansion meets alone in the dark)
Halo Reach announced, not a single footage
Forza 3 showed for first time with arrogant monkey

Uncharted 2 demo steals the fking show. Game of the show.
The Agent, Rockstar exclusive announced. MEGATON.
MAG Live demo
The Last guardian shocks the audience
GT5 sneak peak proves superiority yet again. GT5 has Nascar, F1, World rally. Forza got what again? Rofl forza is a racer for KIDS.
God of war 3 live demo

Winner: PS3. Everything 360 does, PS3 does WAY BETTER.

XBOX 360
Natal crap (bam there it is!)
Milo faked

Advanced wii mote. Accuracy to the milimeter. Best of all, the tech is nearing final stages. DEVELOPMENT KITS ALREADY BEING SEND TO DEVELOPERS AROUND THE WORLD.

XBOX 360
What they didnt show: nothing

What they didnt show:
White knight chronicles
Demons Souls
Yakuza 3
Ratchet and clank
Heavy Rain
Eye pet
Quantum theory
Fat Princess
WipeOut fury
Valkyria chronicles DLC


ptotoy3879d ago

now, tell me how natal will revolutionalize gaming. that's last-gen tech..

now, the ps3 eyetoy has 1 to 1 precission. i'm a FPS fan. i think sony just beat the m/k as the best FPS control scheme. MIND BLOWN.. xbots blow milo

Arnon3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

The Playstation 3 is being outdone by the Playstation 2, let alone the Xbox 360. Fact.

Lets compare, shall we?

Modern Warfare 2 > Assassin's Creed 2. FACT. It will outdo AC2 in every shape, form and figure. Map packs that arrive on the Xbox 360 first lock the fact that it's success will be on the Xbox. Assassin's Creed 2's weapons are irrelevant here.

Winner: Xbox 360. And you know it.


Shadow Complex. Release date: Fall 2009. As confirmed by EPIC Games. 12 hour campaign, over 120 secret items, and a massive world. Or, Final Fantasy VII. A game that they did nothing to, but release it on the PSN. Which is still pretty cool, but it's still nothing. I have it already.

Winner: Xbox 360. You guys always brag about new IPs.


Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker is a Playstation Portable, which benefits the PS3 in no way. So why was this mentioned?

Winner: Tie.


Avatar Racing vs. Modnation Racers

Winner: None. They both suck. And it's sad you're bragging about such a crappy game haha.


Rockband is a mass successful game and The Beatles are one of, if not the most successful band in all of history. The exclusive song is also one of their most famous songs in the world. Lost Planet 2 was never confirmed as a Xbox 360 exclusive in the first place. I personally could not care about Rockband either.

Winner: Xbox 360. And you know it.


Final Fantasy XIV is in limbo of being released as a multi-platform game as said by Square Enix themselves. Final Fantasy XIV is also not part of the main series. Final Fantasy XI: Online did absolutely terrible even though I loved the game. MICROSOFT HOWEVER HAD THE LEAD PRODUCER OF FINAL FANTASY XIII COME OUT AND PLAY IT... ON... 360. FIRST.

Winner: Xbox 360. And you know it.


Xbox 360:

Halo 3: ODST - Gameplay
Forza Motorsport 3 - Gameplay
Left 4 Dead 2 - Gameplay
Splinter Cell Conviction - Gameplay
Alan Wake - Gameplay
Mass Effect 2 - Gameplay
New Gears of War 2 Expansion (EXPANSION. Not just maps.) - Gameplay
Shadow Complex - Gameplay
Crackdown 2
Halo: Reach

Playstation 3:

God of War 3 - Gameplay
MAG - Gameplay
Uncharted 2 - Already shown
The Last Guardian - Already shown
Gran Turismo 5 - No gameplay

Winner: Xbox 360. They announced more new exclusives and demoed off more gameplay. And you know it.


Project Natal: Already being demo'd with hardcore games. It will be used as a hybrid along with the 360 controller. It is already gaining mass praise by critics and fans everywhere since it's announcement, and it's still a year away.

Sony Wand (lol. Cant believe you support this crap): No success. It will have as much praise as the eyetoy which Sony did not market at all. Did not shock the audience. Had no praise at E3 as well. Absolutely terrible. Everyone I've shown it to laughed. Did nothing to improve gameplay. 100% copy of the Wiimote+.

Winner: Xbox 360. And you DAMN WELL KNOW IT.


Features shown to improve online service:

Xbox 360:

Last.FM Radio
Retail Games on Demand
Zune Video
Instant 1080p streaming



Winner: Xbox 360. Shows how much Sony cares. Guess the PS3 isn't the best media player either, is it?

You know what's so funny about this? Is that I own all the consoles. I could care less which is better because I don't NEED to. I know you only own a PS3. And the only reason you even support it is because you bought it over everything else. It isn't difficult to see this. You know what's even more funny. You just bragged about DLC. I thought DLC was stupid and that it's the only thing a Xbox 360 owner can enjoy. What's wrong? Running out of ideas?


"Mag and R&C both have 2009 release dates they were confirmed by the developers on the G4 E3 shows"

No. Pretty sure that after they got off stage, they just said "Hope to see you there!". The ONLY game that was confirmed was God of War 3. Notice that even when Uncharted 2 came up, they said nothing about the date? Why would they do that?

Also, tell me these 36 exclusive Playstation THREE games. Bet you cant.

AngryTypingGuy3879d ago

Can someone please help Montreafart get a girl?

"Delusional xbot, your console is going to fail and you know it." -- The 360 has already passed with flying colors - well, except in the reliability department, but hey, who's counting? Seriously, no matter how much you have a personal hatred for MS, which I don't know why anyone would have such a rage for a faceless company, you have to acknowledge the success the 360 has had.

This generation the 360 has sold more hardware and software than the PS3, has helped to significantly shrink their marketshare, and has produced the highest selling exclusive in history, Halo 3. Not to mention, like the PS3 has had many quality games.

Kill Crow3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

at all the sony fans who bring up the mountain of PSP exclusives when comparing exclusives against the 360 ... seriously ... why not add PS2 exclusives to that list too ... we all know PS3 ain't got anything to stand on ....

and bubbles for Arnon that's the best shoot down ever !!!

Sez 3879d ago

bubble to you dude. that was the best ownage i saw on this site yet. i don't know if you where looking to hurt feelings. but you have acheived your goal. bubbles + again.

theKiller3879d ago

i agree with u mostly specially that MS are the biggest liars ever, but i dont agree with u that the bots should fear ps3 in 2011,i think the new xbox will be released by then and the current 360 will be dead.

tehReaper3879d ago

LOL @ Montreafart

Wow, that was quite possibly the funniest thing I've seen on N4G in a while. A rabid PS3 fanboy declared victory by spouting nothing but bullshit. Then a sensible gamer ripped the fanboy a new hole by countering every single bit of his nonsense.

+Bubble Arnon

AngryTypingGuy3878d ago

Wow Arnon, you really ripped him a new one. Nice going!

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vagisil3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

sony trying again to copy the wii and nintendo

lets see for the sony loyalist with their disagrees, in 2006 nintendo released the wii, it has a motion controller, so how is this "better" than that? sony has done nothing but copy this gen.

achievements/ trophies
motion controller/ nintendo wii
trying to copy lives online features/ xbox live

see so many things i can say that sony has copied, keep disagreeing sony fuktards

MGOelite3879d ago

they have copied and improved massivily the wiis tech lol its better than microsoft who copied the miis then just left it like that lol

maverick11913879d ago

could say the same with natal copying PSEye

Gue13879d ago

Don't forget about how Forza copied Gran Turismo (the Devs themselves say it on an interview, look for it around LoL) or the rip-off that is Lips from Sing Stars.

Maybe we should talk about how MS copied the double analog schemes from the PSX controller... mmmmm What else?

Oh yeah Natal! The rip-off from the PS Eye!

PS2 eye toy (some boxing game) =

PS3 eye pet =

and there's more, just look around on youtube or google...

Oner3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

Can someone please explain (with proof) how Sony "copied" Ninty? Because all information I have seen, read and found shows Sony had this a LONG time ago with the EyeToy since easliy 2002. Here is a re-repost ~

"The EyeToy was originally devised by Dr. Richard Marks, who had the idea of connecting a web camera to a PlayStation 2 and using it as a peripheral to play video games. The idea of using cameras in games was not new, as it was previously used in many arcade games and toys such as the Game Boy Camera and the Dreameye digital camera for the Sega Dreamcast, the latter of which affected the development of the EyeToy; however, with the resolution of modern cameras and the processing power of the PlayStation 2 new ideas were possible that were not achievable on the Game Boy. The idea was taken up by SCE London Studio, ****who showed a concept in 2002**** with four games"

Source ~

Here are some additional videos showing how Natal does't do anything more than what the EyeToy already has done and show that the inclusion/implementation of a controller was set along time ago as well ~

Now just add this old video to the mix and it shows even more capabilities that the PS Eye can do RIGHT NOW....So lets use our imagination for a second ~ this plus the motion control would make a pretty damned good FPS experience with technology Sony has innovated with since 2002 (7 YEARS AGO!). Here is a more complete version of what the controller may look like

tehReaper3878d ago

First of all Sony didn't copy anything. Sony has always been interested in motion control. Nintendo were just the first ones to get out a finished product.

Second of all, achievements were a great addition to 360's features but this would have been done in some form later on by any of the 3 companies. Again, they were the first ones to implement it perfectly.

Third of all Natal isn't the same as the Eyetoy. Seriously guys, comparing a sensor that's running it's own PROCESSOR with proprietary software to a simple supped up webcamera is ridiculous. Yes the Eyetoy works but just only. Microsoft seems to be VERY interested in technology like this. What happened the last time Microsoft was interested? Oh yeah, they joined the console races and in their second generation implemented a HD console with advanced online features before anyone else did(yes, RROD came to be but MS extended the warranty). You'll see the potential Natal has when they release the final product. I mean, E3 was just the beginning. A visual goal. If they can eventually match what we saw with Milo and make it a reality, how amazing is that?

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