Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta Offers The Same Great Gameplay

Gaming Union writes "The long awaited sequel to Uncharted was finally able to tease earlier this week, when it gave the opportunity to fans of the series and gamers alike to get their teeth into the multiplayer section of the game. While Uncharted 2 is still someway off, scheduled for a November release this year, for many the Beta was a must have experience. Let's just hope it impressed those longing for the early taste.

With Qore subscribers getting their exclusive content and downloads the usual way, and pre-orders of inFamous allowing other players the chance to experience the beta, it has managed to pull in quite a few punters. The beta itself commenced on the 3rd of June and is due to be live until the 28th of this month, ample time for gamers to get stuck in."

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mephman3881d ago

Sounds like a pretty good experience, I haven't been able to try it out for myself yet though.

WildArmed3881d ago

it definitely is the uncharted experience.

initially u'll be into gunplay n getting that down.
But after awhile, u'll learn to use the map n its transversal gunplay to ur advantage.
There are many unique ways to take advantage of the maps.
I've loving it, but I had to put the beta down as the ps3 restarts every time u quit the game.. so i'll wait till the bug is fixed

xabmol3881d ago

"I had to put the beta down as the ps3 restarts every time u quit the game.. so i'll wait till the bug is fixed "

Are you serious?!

WildArmed3881d ago

about putting down the beta or ps3 restarting?

yes im serious, for both :/

xabmol3881d ago

Why would you stop playing an awesome game like U2 just because your PS3 restarts AFTER you are DONE playing it?!

I quit the beta it goes "beep beep beep" then 5 seconds later I'm exactly where I want to be. No harm done. If waiting 5-10 seconds is too much for you to deal with, then I am sorry for your loss.

That beta would have made a number of my friends very happy.

WildArmed3881d ago

I am not willing to risk a 600 dollar machine just for a beta. I can wait. Its not as addicting as u make it sound.
I have plenty of games i can play dat dont do harm to my ps3.
btw ends do not justify the means. -- if ur happy with the force shutdowns good 4 u, but im not.
I'll wait.
It is not a matter of waiting '5-10 secs'

after all. i am gettin uncharted 2, so no harm done 4 me.
I can wait, Im a patient man.

xabmol3881d ago

"btw ends do not justify the means." What "ends" are you referring to?! Resetting your PS3 will not damage it in any way. At all.

I didn't realize that I said the U2 Beta was addicting...

But you know what? It is! I'm at level 23 :D

I like the FAL and the M4. I always try to carry 2 nades at all times and for Plunder I like to upgrade my handgun before I pick up the treasure.

Again, I am sorry for your loss. =[

WildArmed3880d ago

ps3 force reseting isn't good 4 the ps3.
Call sony and ask em.
OMG.. i thought every1 figured that out by now

xabmol3880d ago

You could just turn off the PS3 before quitting the beta.

OMG.. i thought every1 figured that out by now


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be_wrong3881d ago

it's great and i hope the full version of the multiplayer will offer the same. the coop mode works great, i could say that it's far better than re5's system.

WildArmed3881d ago

except that co-op isn't drop in drop out.

interrergator3881d ago

man i wish it come out soon but fall is fall

CSM-101e3881d ago

can be hard to see, or maybe I'm blind

WildArmed3881d ago

that is true
All have to do is turn the brightness up.. its not supposed to be that dark