Sony E3 Mega-Round-Up

PS3Vault: 'With E3 finally over we can breath a collective sigh of relief. So much news, way too much to take in all at one time, right? Well, if you think that, you'll have you bookmark this article and read it in bitesized chunks, because we're going to be listing everything Sony-related we can possibly find from this year's E3. If Kaz Hirai so much as sneezed during the event, we'll tell you about it. If Jack Tretton blinked in an odd place, we'll have a screenshot.

Alright, we're not going to go quite that crazy, but we are going to do a similar, but to a much less psychotic, obsessive compulsive manner. We're going to list everything that was covered in Sony's E3 conference and move on from there. So please, read on, get your bookmarking fingers ready and take some kind of pill, we're about to delve into Sony's E3 conference.'

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