Gamertell: Final Fantasy Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers in-depth hands-on impressions

Gamertell offers its impressions Final Fantasy Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers for the Wii that was on display at Square Enix's E3 2009 booth.

From the article:

"Square Enix delivers another worthy addition to the Final Fantasy series that sports unique and gorgeous character models (that for some reason remind me of those found in Kingdom Hearts) and environments (at least the town was pretty intricately detailed since that was the only area I was able to explore). Not only do the graphics push the Wii to its limits, but Square Enix introduces you to another set of unforgettable personalities as well as an intriguing storyline that draws you in at the start of the game."

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mastiffchild3877d ago

I wish SE would give this a firm date for the EU and US as it's starting to look way better than I thiught it would do.

There looks like being more variety than I imagined there would be and the different stuff looks a hoot. A return to form on the Wii would also be a very good thing for SE I feel.

As long as ALL the games we get shown for Wii actually get here then it should be a good time to own one. No more Fatal Frame 4 mess ups please Ninty!

SpoonyRedMage3877d ago

The games looks awesome and really deserves more hype in my opinion. Got some cool ideas and the gameplay looks good and easy.