Mortgage leads Gollum actor into games

When actor Andy Serkis was arranging his mortgage, little did he know it would lead to his involvement in a video game for the forthcoming PlayStation 3 (PS3).

Serkis is no stranger to the digital arts, having starred as Gollum in the Lord of the Rings films and as the giant ape King Kong.

He is now working on appearing in one of the leading titles for the PS3, Heavenly Sword, starring in it as the evil king and acting as its dramatic director.

The game is a martial arts epic developed by UK game makers Ninja Theory for Sony's next generation console.

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OutLaw6217d ago

Imagine you are ask to play the ugliest creatures to mankind. whats even more funny is that the character in Heavenly Sword does look like an older version of him. Wow!!! Only a face his mom could love.

Caxtus7506217d ago

isnt the character been made to look like the actor on purpose? maybe hes been working on the project longer than we think ;)

ssj046217d ago

"Image capture technology has been used to recreate Serkis' face in the game for the villain, King Botan. The result is a caricature that closely resembles the actor."

OutLaw6217d ago

I knew it was done to look like the actor I was just pointing out how ugly he is that they keep giving him parts like this.

Logan6216d ago

I knew about this almost a month ago, it was in a interview during e3 2006, when I herd that Andy Serkis was gona act in the game I was quite exited too see how he will do. He does a great job with voice acting, and im sure he will do a great job in this game.

user94220775395d ago

lol, crap actor plays a crap game