Top 10 PlayStation 3 Games For Trophy Whores

PlayStation 3 firmware update 2.40 ,released in July 2008, introduced to PlayStation 3 fans Trophies - Sony's answer to Xbox 360's Achievements system. 5 Months later, Sony announced that Trophies would be mandatory for all PlayStation 3 games starting January 2009.

Along with the Trophies came the Trophies whores (much like the Achievements whores) - gamers who will play every game they can put their hands on just to improve their Trophies level - even shitty games.

The article lists the top 10 games for all of you Trophies addicts out there - these games have the largest amount of trophies.

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dragonyght3887d ago

those list seem to be pretty good but i would take warhawk out the list because those trophies nearly impossible to get especially for late adapters

talltony3887d ago

warhawk and midnight club should not be on the list if you want to get platinums!

-MoOkS-3887d ago

Warhawk yes but not midnightclub, i've almost got platinum....just need to get 5000 miles and 20 online wins

Hellsvacancy3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Thats coz its the only Platinum i got - just gotta finish Dead Space on impossible mode then i got my second Platinum :-)

Edit. Oh and the Godfather 2 (rented), i finished the game needin 1 just more trophy (get all execution styles) i wasnt even tryin 2 get the Platinum neither

spunnups3887d ago

Why is it so tough to get a platinum on Midnight Club?

cranium3887d ago

I got the inFamous platinum a week after purchasing the game. The only tough trophies were the Rockhound (collect all 350(!) blast shards) and stunt coordinator (Complete all 21 stunts)

talltony3887d ago

it gets really boring too. I could get the platinum but I got bored out of my mind playing it.

Toenado3887d ago

godfather 2 was by far my easiest platinum trophy.

callahan093887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

The 5 most time-consuming games to platinum, in my experience, are:

5. Demon's Souls (approximately 200 hours)
4. Resistance 2 (approximately 350 hours)
3. SOCOM: Confrontation (approximately 600 hours)
2. Warhawk (approximately 700 hours)
1. White Knight Chronicles (approximately 1500 hours)

50CALheadshot3887d ago

midnight club is not challenging at all, its just too cheesy later on in the game.

for instance :

youll be in the lead the whole way, then out of nowhere a car gets in your way or a unexpected turn pops out of nowhere. i sold that s#it quick. too frustrating.

ChozenWoan3887d ago

It's not the number of trophies, but how hard it is to get that platinum.

I've heard Horror stories of TWs renting games like Hanna Montana just to collect their precious precious. Those are the types of games that are easy to beat, and easy to max out. The less time needed to get that platinum, the better the game is from a TWs prospective.

Too bad I've got some resistance to Trophies... some.

kharma453887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

I'm suprised the newest termintator game isn't there, 11 golds and a platinum? Easy buns.

Plus games like Uncharted and Dead Space are reasonably easy to platinum too, along with Eat Lead, Buzz, Megadrive Collection and loads more.

Black_McGrath3887d ago

Where's Fallout 3 and Uncharted....And inFAMOUS..3 platinum trophies on a platinum platter

Marceles3887d ago

WWE Wrestling
Monsters vs. Aliens
Godfather 2
Ski-Doo Challenge
Alone in the Dark
Sega Genesis Collection
Burnout Paradise

Downtown boogey3887d ago

...has the worst trophies ever. Not intriquing at all.

Tomdc3887d ago

warhawk is just stupid for trophies, i mean some are just stupid and only realistically achievable unless your a god at the game or arrange a match with friends just to go for trophies...

Elimin83887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

For real is easy. Platinum in 5-6 days... last trophy was stunt which was hard "back at ya"

mal_tez923887d ago

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. You can get the Platinum on the second playthrough If you're good enough or use a guide to find all the treasures.

I played through it 20 times though just because it's that awesome.

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PirateThom3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Burnout Paradise and Prince of Persia are, by far, the easiest.

I'd also have to add inFamous. I have 46/50 trophies from nearly two playthroughs and two of them are story based and one is the Platinum.

Edit: Just got Get off My Cloud. :P

MGOelite3887d ago

terminator salvation platnum in 3 and half hours from i first put the disk in lol

Fulensenca3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

is the easiest game to get trophies IMHO, but I can' t recommend you to play this game lol ( I quit after the third chapter and I won' t come back ).

I suggest Noby-Noby Boy, Flower, Linger in Shadows. Good, relaxing and easy games with low price and very easy trophies to get.

Carl14123887d ago

Nothing wrong with AITD, i actually quite enjoyed it

chrisnick3887d ago

that's the most broken piece of crap i've ever played.

Carl14123887d ago

Sure the camera is absolute crap and if you drive over a rock too fast your car is catapulted through the air and you're pretty much stuffed. But if you can look past the glitches, it has some very good ideas...It's just that the execution was pretty poor

mrv3213887d ago

Terminator Salvation would be easy if it wasn't bad.

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