Console Monster: Bionic Commando Review

Console Monster writes: "Finally it is here, the first true sequel to the classic 1988 Nintendo Entertainment System original, Bionic Commando. Anyone that knows of the series, or has been out from under a rock for the past few months, will know that the game revolves heavily around a man (of which is named 'Spencer') with a completely awesome arm. This completely awesome arm allows Spencer to swing from buildings like Spider-Man, throw heavy objects like Spider-Man and hit hard like... Spider-Man? You get the idea.

The game is set ten years after the original instalment, in which during this time Spencer has enjoyed hibernation in the local prison, betrayed by the government after having saved them the first time around. Thankfully before Spencer is sentenced to the long term of death, an experimental weapon detonates in the Ascension City, which results in the government now requesting Spencer's help. My choice of words would be a blunt "F%*@ you", but Spencer knows this is an M rated game and holds back on the profanity, accepting the request for his aid..."

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