20° : Prototype Previewed

In Prototype you will take up the role of Alex Mercer whos been infected by an unkown mutagenic virus in New York. The game revolves around the concept of "deceive and destroy" which is related to Alex's super human abilities of absorbing the bodies of whom he has defeated. Alex's story is related to an organisation called as GENTEK. Alex used to be an employee before the virus incident breaks out.

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Cajun Chicken4155d ago

Next friday, next friday, next friday...

I can't believe I've been tracking this game for about 2 years now.

Sampson7124155d ago

I've only got to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday :)

Blow Out Your Brains4154d ago

Funny how there isn't one review out for the game, looks like they're trying to contain the FAIL.

Blow Out Your Brains4154d ago

LOL, those aren't even reputable gaming outlets