Article - The Motion Control War

Just posted this new article on about the three different motion controls we were presented at E3 and compared them on a logical point of view

Here's a preview:

"So, here we are at our post E3 moment, when the show's hype go down and we are faced with a cruel world made of truth and facts that we call reality. Like Norm Macdonald once said, a good way to differ fantasy from reality is that fantasy is good, while reality is bad."

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ChickeyCantor3881d ago

Ya know i can see these debates where people say : PS3 has better controls than 360 and vice versa. And that Wii can't be compared.

Just like HD with both of the consoles and Wii is "last" gen(im not claiming this, its been claimed by others).

This is just funny =).
Berserk on.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3881d ago

you could take hits back? Out of all the motion control arguments I've read this 1 takes the crown for most ridiculous.

I'm just gonna stop reading any article with the words Natal, motion plus, or psEye motion controller in it. Til they all debut.