God of War III, Suddenly Too Much?

Badassgamer: "By now, we've all seen the insanely gory scene were Kratos gets his deadly hands on the head of Helios, and in the process of tussling and pulling at the thing, it gets ripped off - with blood, dangling flesh and torn veins to boot! Yes the scene is brutal, it's bloody...but it's God of War, I'm surprised..."

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- Ghost of Sparta -3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

I wouldn't accept it any other way. :)

gaffyh3884d ago

Lol when I first saw the scene I was like, "That's awesome", it's just Kratos being Kratos ;)

KillaManiac3884d ago

Hmm a blog site thats called badass saying something is TOO violent..

The real title should be....can I have hits plz!

Kratos is the man with the plan!

narked3884d ago

massive massive massive massive massive massive massive massive massive massive massive massive massive massive massive massive massive massive game.

no it's not to much. what do you expect from the god of war? a neat slicing? lool

AntMad3884d ago

some people should be banned from this site, simply because they don't read what is posted any more, for fvcks sake if you read what was written, you wouldn't have posted that crap..because he isn't saying it's too violent.

Moo7a-Seven3884d ago

God Of War 3 is simply splendid!!

Darkeyes3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

lol.. The title is misleading... The writer actually agrees with the violence... Those are valid points. If you don't like so much violence then don't buy it,STFU and don't post BS comments and behave like Cry-babies. It's Rated M for a reason.

Frankly, I love the way it looks. Still 9 months to go... damn March can't come quick. Just hope they polish it to the point where the blood oozes out from the screen... Muhuhahaha... Ya I am turning Evil...
But hell I don't care if this game pushes my real life Karma to the lowest point.... The fun or splitting guts and cutting heads makes up for it.

FamilyGuy3884d ago

Article quote:

"Here's the good part guys, the game isn't finished yet - well so what? you ask, well with the extra months of polish and tweaking to be added to the game, you can expect that scene and all the others to look even 'better' - and by 'better' I mean more gruesome, and another thing to note as well is everyone of those gets progressively worse as the game goes on -- you'll notice the demo started with the gutting of a centaur, then the killing of the chimera which was more brutal, then the removal of the Cyclops's eye, and lastly the demented ripping of Helios' head, yes folks it's getting worse and can expect to see stuff in the game that would make your stomach churn even more than this head excavation did."

MORE gruesome as the game progresses...

FreeMonk3884d ago

fans of game won't mind it at all. It fits in with the tone and mythology of the God of War games.

Some countries though (Germany and Australia spring to mind), will have something to say about it though, and I'm pretty sure that it may not get released over there, or if it does get released it will be heavily cut and edited.

That's the one saving grace about the PS3 though. All the games are Region Free, and can be easily imported thanks to Ebay and other online stores.


This move, at least in so much detail, will only appear against Helios/Apollo I think... It's not like the original GOW didn't had decapitation of meduzas already. I don't think ESRB will get in the way.

leyego3884d ago

now THIS is a rated M game

aksmashh3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

If your a badass why would you ask that question?
You should be asking why isn't there more blood & guts?

andron3883d ago

There was a blog just like this after the game previews a while back.

If you don't like innovative gore tech in your games just play something else. GoW is bloody great...

Rainstorm813883d ago

Manhunt wasnt too much (even though GOW could surpass)

then this will be fine. pics

Cyclops Eye Rip

Helios Head

I Love It ! Kratos is brutal! Its not a tickling competition.

hay3883d ago

I can see those press headlines soon.
"Bear ripped man's head! God of War III to blame?"

TheDude2dot03883d ago


It's too bad you can't be banned for being stupid

gambare3883d ago

That's why the devs said they put stuff they couldn't even show on internet.

skip2mylou3883d ago

im guessing most of u that are bit* hing about the article didnt even read it hes saying their is a reason why its rated M and stuff

Percy3883d ago

You should read the article so you don't sound foolish next time. Knowledge is power.

joemayo763883d ago

i have to admit when i first saw it i felt a sickened, prob thnx to the level of detail of current gen games. but it IS god of war and after goin thru the others recently it is a staple of the franshise.

I think most ppl prob feel the same way with their first view of the vid as this is the 1st GOW this gen which is also one of the first games to show off what curr gen games are capable of

RememberThe3573883d ago

As brutal as always. The real "badass". This blog need to check what angle they're coming from, because it's certainly not "badass". Judging from this, I'd call it p*ssyassgamer.

Trebius3883d ago

It's incredible that half the people commenting never read past the title...


Redempteur3883d ago

Well it's god of war .
smashing that guy ead on the pillar on god of war 2 wasn't enough !!


but the sad thing is that if it get more gorry the germany and australia might not like it and theses are PAL countries ..please don't get me a censored PAL release ...

BUt i don't worry the PS3 is region free so i can just import an US version ..
10 months to wait

LONEWOLF2313883d ago

Dude that scene was awesome! Hopefully they will release a demo.

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bmatthews3884d ago

entirely agreed! people need to lay off the game

- Ghost of Sparta -3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Edit: Nevermind, I thought you were one of those sensitive assholes trying to get people to not buy the game.

PS360DS3884d ago

I agree too, it's a GOW title what do people expect?

bmatthews3884d ago

what is sarcastic in what I said? some people out there are actively trying to get this game toned down, and I'm saying they shouldn't. what problem have you got now?

Dimitri3884d ago

This game is not for puss1es.

bullswar3883d ago

GOD of War 3 is already closing on to its demise .... Dante's Inferno, now this is what everyone should be excited about.

Atleast a purpose to fight ... not just random God Bashing.

Bill Gates3883d ago


Halo3 MLG Pro3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

With video games, it should never be too much. Just like movies and books, their should be no limit when it comes to gore or violence. Just make sure the kiddies don't play a game like this. :)

*PM me if you sick puppies want to see what it really looks like getting your head ripped off*

qface643884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

i have nothing against it but seeing the way the general public has been lately the real question is will the general public be ok with this?

i mean what if the game ended up getting an A rating they would have to then tone it down Dx

leyego3884d ago

a full A?
mb if Kratos has a full sex sceen with one of the gods

ripping off someones head? slicing them up? didn't mad world do that already?

qface643883d ago

the biggest difference though is the graphics style madworld was black and white and had a cel shaded style wile god3 has a much more realistic look

you don't have to have a sex scene in order to get an A