Uncharted 2: Among Thieves GameSpot's Updated Impressions - New Single-Player Levels

Gamespot is giving us their feedback after playing new single player levels in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves:

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sinncross3878d ago

Sounding more impressive as each day goes by. I've only played the demo of the firs but I am definitely going to pick it up in anticipation for the sequel: this game looks hellish fun and amazing!

Hububla3878d ago

im f'n speechless.... 2 words... HOLY SH*T

mal_tez923877d ago

If you're speechless how can you say those 2 words? LOL

But seriously I agree with you. I was so excited to hear about a sequel to my all time favourite game. An judging from what I've seen so far, Uncharted 2 has well exceeded my expectations.

I saw Drake's Fortune as a PERFECT game and didn't see how they could improve on it, but obviously the developers saw many ways to improve it. Good for you Naughty Dog, here's one guaranteed customer.

rockleex3877d ago

And I gotta say Uncharted 2 looks WAY better! ^_^

Seriously though, Crysis doesn't really look that amazing unless you use the upgraded mods.

Marty83703878d ago

Back to the U2 Beta then

ThatCanadianGuy3878d ago

The Beta is Awesome ! I just wish they would switch the Reload button with the Throw button.Holdin L1 to aim than, pressing L2 to throw is really awkward.Would be much easier with L1+R2

ultimolu3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

I'm addicted to it. :D
Then if the NGS 2 demo guys might not hear from me in a while. xDDD

raztad3878d ago

Only inFAMOUS take me away from the beta. UC2 is shaping to be a masterpiece.

Guys, this is off-topic I just noticed Prototype is about to be released, but no a single review thus far.

-MoOkS-3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

The first one was a solid experience, except for some of the cheesy hollywood dialogue and not so challenging platforming sections.

If they can make the platforming challenging, like jak 1 & 2, and keep the story away from the hollywood crap, then this game might just be AAA quality

Lets hope it delivers

table3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

oh bugger off for christs sake.

sneaky edit: 'lets hope it delivers' - everyone is tired of you around here.

-MoOkS-3878d ago

Whats your problem?

Did you even read what I said, or did you look at my avatar and instantly reply?

LightofDarkness3878d ago

The first game is a modern classic. Still the best PS3 exclusive, IMO. I agree about the platforming segments, however. They were quite easy, there needs to be a greater margin for error in this game I think to make it more of a real challenge, not just a device to break up the action sequences and cutscenes.

I actually thought the cheesy Hollywood dialogue was great, it's certainly far and away beyond what almost any other game has managed.

Dead_Cell3878d ago

I think the Hollywoodesque style is the reason why it's such a popular game.
If it wasn't so over the top and Drake wasn't so charmingly cheesy it wouldn't be as fun.
If they were to drop the over the top stunts and action,skin of your teeth moments and comedy cutscenes it just wouldn't be Uncharted. It would be just another takes-itself-too-seriously game.
Love it or hate it,the Hollywood style of Uncharted is what makes it great.

beavis4play3878d ago

the fact you don't think it did is why i disagreed. the first UC was one of the best games i've ever played. as a matter of fact,i still play it today. i also like the fact that the platforming isn't so frustratingly hard as to ruin the flow of the game. and "cheesy dialogue"?? ND stated, before the game came out, that they wanted the game to resemble the feel of a "hollywood movie". the cheesy part is your opinion. i disagree with that as i thought drake had some very funny (and well-written) lines in the game.

mooks, you saying "lets hope it delivers" is hilarious. UC was amazing; and, with naughty dogs game-making's guaranteed UC2 will deliver. all their games do.

skatezero2463878d ago

yea I read what you wrote, and yuor trolling go read up same natal stuff... uncharted: drakes fortune is the best game i have played this gen <-- MGS4 sits right next to it as the best 2 games to come out this gen imo

CaseyRyback_CPO3878d ago

If gears halo or mass effect is the gold standard, ill gladly take ucharted any day. You idiots always have to cry about some feature. Even though we all know 360 games have lines written for live kids, you dare try to point out uncharteds lines as a negative? Compared to what citizen kane, because its definitely not any 360 games. "meh I like it but its not unrealistically perfect so. Ill stick with gears." its such a lame argument. Uncharted is up there with any fun action movie script wise.

ultimolu3878d ago

-MoOkS-, if you hate the PS3 so much and the exclusives...THEN STAY OUT OF PS3 ARTICLES.

Thank you.

N2NOther3878d ago

I've probably played Uncharted more times than any other game this generation and I agree that the Hollywood style is part of what made the game so much fun and replayable, but Mass Effect had great dialogue and a better story than Uncharted.

Christopher3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

The cheesy dialogue is intentional. It's supposed to be like an Indiana Jones movie. Cheesy one-liners, big explosions, search for random artifacts, etc.

Watch the movie I've linked to below and tell me that if that was done in Live Action you wouldn't immediately think Indiana Jones or similar :p Heck, the whole train scene at the end just screams Michael Bay at me :p

So, asking for it to be removed would be kind of like asking for a Halo w/o space suits :p

Edit: Can't get GT embed to work, so here's the link

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MajesticBeast3878d ago

M00ks were talking about ps3 exclusives not games like ninja blade and odst.

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