DiRT 2 demo coming early Sept., includes screen-capture on PS3

PSU writes:
While attending E3 this year, we snagged a couple details on the upcoming off-road racer from Codemasters, DiRT 2. First off, like the first game, DiRT 2 is on track to receive a playable demo on the PlayStation Network.
"I'm sure we'll have a demo around early September on PSN," said Matt Horsman, the Chief Games Designer on DiRT 2, when speaking to us at E3 09.

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Sangria3880d ago

I wanted to get the first Dirt but never had the opportunity, but if Dirt 2 has the screenshot feature, even if i don't like classic racing games, i will seriously consider the purchase.

GVON3880d ago

I got the first on 360 but didn't really enjoy it as much as previous versions,I didn't have a wheel,didn't like the Americanization of the menu,lack of wrc style rally,light cars,no real difference in the road surfaces,it felt arcade like next to my PC version of CM3.

I did recently get the PSN demo,hooked up my G25 and it felt better,it was hard work though,but my concerns hadn't changed,it was what grid had became from Toca,
I really hope Dirt 2 allows a full on simulation ( what codies do best) otherwise it's a no from me.

Moo7a-Seven3880d ago

Gran Turismo's the best racing game in history, it is incomparable!!!

cRaZyLeGs 933880d ago

Was gonna complain about the GT5 comment but then I realised it has wrc in it! I wanted Dirt, but never got it, Will be picking this one up for sure.

RoarrrUK3880d ago

In absolute agreement with you on all points. Very much doubt it will turn out sim. NFS shift (surprisingly) is holding more hope, then of course FM3 and GT5

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 3880d ago

I hope there are more dirt special effects in this game!

Bloodshedder3880d ago

i hope God of War has this feature:D

morkendo3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

dunno witch one to choose DIRT2 OR NFS SHIFT???

Daves3878d ago

However I feel they will be very different games, total opposites with regard to the style of racing.

I'm gonna have to get both, one of which I'll get for free :)