Kotaku: Left 4 Dead 2 Extended Impressions

Yes, Left 4 Dead 2's release is shockingly close to the release of the original Left 4 Dead. And yes, Left 4 Dead 2 plays very similarly to the original Left 4 Dead. But there's a reason for both of those things.

Left 4 Dead 2 is arriving almost a year to the day after the original of the first, partly because the team responsible went to work right away on the sequel, without taking the standard week off to recharge. Much of the core gameplay from Left 4 Dead will be intact in the sequel.

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mrv3213885d ago

So let me get this straigh L4D2 Will take 1 year to make, seems pretty good considering they have to drastically improve the source engine or better still make a new one. Because L4D1 wasn't a stunner graphically, very average albeit under that.

This is just an expansion which will sell and after reading that they haven't added much, what I think they should do is bundle L4D1 with L4D2 seeing as it could fit on one disk. This allows people to simply trade in L4D1 for 2 and I wouldn't feel quite ripped of since what they are doing is a basic expansion. I've seen far more expanded on a game as DLC and this COULD BE DLC I just think it wouldn't make them as much considering how little was in the first game.

It's a shame tactics like these of simple expansions are dominating... look at this for example

COD 5 from COD 4 is a basic expansion not really anything new not even a clan feature
Resistance fall of man to Resistance 2, they are completely different, the cutscene techniques changed, the health system changed, the entire game changed.

Yet I wonder which sold more.

pumpkinpunker3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

Don't buy it then.

Why are gamers such little b!tches? God, my girlfriend on the rag complains less.