TT Impressions - Forza Motorsport 3

TT writes: "During my time with Toronto Thumbs, I have never reviewed a racing game. And while that's partly due to the fact that I simply don't play very many, it's also because I've never felt there was much to be said about the genre – at least anything that needed me to say it. One of Microsoft's greatest strengths is a razor-like focus in discussing their games, so much so that I felt the need for space between meetings to recalibrate my thoughts on everything I was being shown. And after a very long day at the airport, I still find myself thinking about Forza Motorsport 3, largely owing to the impression Turn 10's Game Director Dan Greenawalt made when I was fortunate enough to listen to him discuss the project."

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qface643880d ago

have nothing against this game opened my dresser and noticed i have the first one lol

anyways for some reason every time i see an article about forza 3 that guy that kept saying BEST and DEFINATIVE just pops into my head over and over and over lol makes me laugh

Foxgod3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Il repeat it again, this game comes in october, closest console racer that can compete with Forza 3 in october/november is Need4speed shift.

For the rest there is no competition, GT5 still has to show its face, so it actually is laughable that you consider a game that wont be out in 2009 to be a form of competition of any sorth.
It doesnt exist yet, as its still in development.