Apple Control - The Morality Police

BSN: "Apple's application approval process has been criticized by many including Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. The issue seems to come from the fact that Apple legally does not have to allow any applications at all in the iTunes Store. Since it is controlled exclusively by Apple they are the final say and can be as arbitrary as they want. We have seen plenty of examples of this in the recent months."

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FragMnTagM3888d ago

Who does Steve Jobs think he is? Why would Apple want to make it criminal for anyone to use the device as they please? As long as there is no copyright or patent infringement what is the big deal? If I want a fart app, why not? I totally agree they have a right to control what is on their app store. But what gives them the right to control what you put on your device from a different source? Much less make it a criminal offense and punish you with jail time.

Just another reason why I will never support Apple.

Kakkoii3888d ago

Just like how they don't want you installing OS X on different computers. Because if you do that, they sell 1 less of their overpriced designer PC's lol. The whole way Apple operates is in a totalitarian way, it want's to control every aspect, trying to put people in a position where the only choices they have are the choices Apple provides them. Any other choices are not approved lol.