E3 2009: Microsoft made competition look foolish

Product Reviews: Project Natal looks to be one of the best pieces of technology we have seen since the Wii first came along. However, the new Project Natal for use with the Xbox 360 blows anything we have ever seen in gaming out of the water.

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KionicWarlord2223422d ago

Come on GOS .(just now decided to call you that) Its hard to say that because at other points it was solid at the ms conference. Ms should have had as real demo .

Simon_Brezhnev3422d ago

so basically this means the Wii and PS3 should stop selling right now and everybody should get a 360 just to wait for natal to come out

iamtehpwn3422d ago

"Project Natal looks to be one of the best pieces of technology we have seen since the Wii first came along."

The wii was never a great piece of technology.
An overclocked gamecube with an accelerometer duct taped to a TV remote.

YungXclusive2K93422d ago

Best technology since the wii, lmao

Shadow Flare3422d ago

I think Gran Turismo 5 made Turn 10 look foolish

caladbolg7773422d ago

I posted this in another thread, but I feel that it is just as relevant here.

Watch "Episode 60" Special E3 edition. These guys pegged E3 09' pretty much perfectly.

jmare3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Kind of like this?

BAM!!! There it is!

Anon19743422d ago

A US site ran an internet poll in a region where the 360 has twice as many users as the PS3 and, surprise surprise, the 360 received about twice the votes.

Bravo....*slow clap* Bravo.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33422d ago

Motion Controllers are just a gimmick. I don't care who makes them. You don't release a peripheral like that this late in the console cycle if your serious about developing for it. This tech wont be out until late next year, how much longer do you people think the 360 will be out?

At 200$, I really don't see this tech spreading fast enough to warrant all these predictions that it will 'change teh face of gaming'.

Its sad that we're sitting here talking about a glorified camera, but it makes sense, because its not like there are a lot of 360 games to be talking about. MS has a serious void in their lineup. They don't have a single GOTY contender.

And I really think its sad that people are trying to pawn off Splinter Cell as a GOTY contender. Nobody even thought to mention ODST, and I thought Halo was supposed to be the 360's flagship game.

Anyways, Assassin's Creed looks better than Splinter Cell, and I wouldn't even call that game a contender.

IdleLeeSiuLung3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Well, E3 is in the US.... what do you want them to do, run the voting in Australia?

Regardless of fanboyism or not, a lot of people will take notice to innovative technology and not more of the same. This is evident by all the non-gaming media attention MS is getting.

Also, there is always the same haters in the Xbox 360 section threadcrapping. Why don't you guys hang out where you allegiance is, the Playstation 3 news section.

talltony3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

?? Lol just playin, Natal has potential if I can use it with fight night then it will be awesome.

jmare3422d ago

I think the point that Darkride is trying to make is that the survey pool is skewed toward the 360 statistically, as there is a larger install base than the PS3 and that base is more likely to respond to a poll like this than the Wii user base, that this poll is pretty much useless.

Darkeyes3422d ago

Again the same old Natal vs PS motion controller crap... It's ironic how before E3 everyone were boycotting motion controllers and saying that it's like a stray dog and has to be put down... After E3 all of a sudden motion controllers seem to be the new thing..

I seriously can't see how these things could REDEFINE THE GAMING INDUSTRY. If companies think like that, then sadly they don't even know what true gamers want.

As far as this article goes... M$ made fools of competition... Are you joking... all they did was sign a death warrant cause if Milo fails, Natal=PSEye. If PSEye couldn't REDEFINE gaming at a time when more than 100 million PS2 were out, Natal stands no chance. The only way is to thrust the thing down peoples throats like wii does with it's motion sensors... I can bet anything that won't do that simply cause Natal will be expensive.

Third party will be divided off which to support... Supporting PS controller would be easier compared to Natal mainly cause Natal claims NO BUTTONS. Without buttons, say bye bye to Shooters and Fighters on Natal... You cannot disagree that Shooters are the 360's and PS3's biggest market and no Natal support on TPS and FPS means a real big nail in the coffin.

As I said, Natal's biggest let down is it's claim of NO BUTTONS. Sony did the clever thing here. They copied Nintendo's controller and made it a 1:1 tracking controller. People always complained about Nintendo not having hardcore games and crap graphics... Well Sony just heard their plea and launched a controller with massive potential. It might look crappy to look at from those videos, but the accuracy they showed was simply remarkable... Before that, I couldn't imagine taking head shots with any motion controllers (including Natal), but after seeing that Archery display, Sony has done it's Homework and have something bigger in hand.

ultimolu3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

And this article is three days old!
Lmfao, I sense really desperate folks out there...

Oh, and gotta love IdleLeeSiuLung. Oh noes, it's teh 360 section! People aren't allowed to talk!

I'm sorry but this is E3 news, not 360 news.

Shadow Flare3422d ago

No, THIS is how microsoft made themselves look foolish:

eagle213422d ago

Fix your console first before you start talking about your rip off products. Microsoft didn't win ONE AIAS award in 2008, Sony won 10 including GOTY. Microsoft is always 3rd in hardware sales after Nintendo and Sony. Sony sold 35 million consoles in 2008. What can microsoft do to stop Sony? NOTHING. :)

callahan093422d ago

@ IdleLeeSiuLung - This isn't the Xbox 360 section, this is about E3. In case you didn't happen to notice it, this involves Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. We all have a right to discuss this stuff. Some of us who own all the consoles and felt that all 3 companies showed us a whopping amount of kick-ass content this year are just getting sick of all the Microsoft ass-kissing that's going on, because they DIDN'T make the competition look foolish, and I believe it's foolish to say they did. They showed us some cool games and some cool tech, and guess what so did Sony and so did Nintendo, so all these people need to get over this whole situation. I'm getting sick of the media biases.

Strikepackage Bravo3422d ago

anything makes Sony look more foolish than this does.

Qdog3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

This journalism site doesnt understand the nature of the CellBE, and how 256mb of XDR running at the native frequency of 3.2ghz in conjunction with native, an on-die ram controller translates into burst speed level 3 cache as well as one of the most powerful and innovative processors ever engineered. Also what about the Nueral Impulse actuator? Conveniently forgot about the device that converts brain wavelengths into native computer commands? Oh, right, that isnt innovative at all. My bad, as you were, then.

Fleet Fox3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

" think Gran Turismo 5 made Turn 10 look foolish "

Forza has outscored Grean Turismo for 2 games straight. Foza just proved its graphics are just as good as GT5 and the environments look even better in Forza 3.

And Forza 3 was announce in June and will ship in October, Gran Turismo 5 was announced 4 years and still doesn't have a release date. Also, it wont match even Forza 2 in features and Forza 3 is going to have overall a higher Metacritic score than Gran Turismo the time it releases people will have already seen Forza 3's graphics...GT5 really doesn't look better.


SinnedNogara3422d ago

The problem is with Natal is that you can only play few games with it. Playing Gears of War, Call of Duty, Fable, or Halo with Natal would be impossible. You can only play sports, racing, and minigames with the thing. You need a controller to play the other genres.

Jecht3422d ago

Because Metacritic is so trustworthy. I could state that Gran Turismo sells a f*ckton more than any Forza game could hope to sell, meaning it's obviously superior, but that would make my argument just as lame as yours.

Forza < Gran Turismo and everyone knows it but the most hardcore of 360 fanbots.

ptotoy3422d ago

when they tried to market last-gen tech as the next big thing.

here's your natal right here, xboxers:

LOL.. enjoy your mini-games

i can't believe how xboxers love MS so much.. they intentional forget that natal is nothing new.
voice recognition = ENDWAR in 2008.
full body control = ps2 eyetoy

jmare3422d ago

You're forgetting Lifeline which released in 04 or 05.
Completely voice controlled, and completely crap.

DaCandyman3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

I wonder what sparked the ideas of Natal maybe these did.

PSEye Demo video

jadenkorri3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

love these articles, Sony had the ps eye since the ps2, nintendo releases the Wii with motion controllers... which both is called crap, then all of a sudden, MS comes out with Natal, apparently wins E3 do to Natel which has been proven fake at E3... (im sure with time it will work) get praised for Innovation...YES...but yet there still coping their competition.... MS is the joke, almost everytime.

JokesOnYou3422d ago

A poll in the same US where sony DOMINATED last gen, 'cause Americans are soooo biased. lmfao


SaberEdge3422d ago

Wow, all the same lame PS3 fans with their spin and damage control. Natal is nothing but Eye Toy, the media is biased, blah, blah, blah...

At this point they're just making themselves look pathetic and stupid.

If they really didn't see the 360 as a threat there wouldn't be a deluge of PS3 fanboys hurriedly posting their nonsense in every news story on the subject.

Why dis3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Its the most intense damage control I have ever seen some how the PS3 fanboys have made this an issue suggesting MSFT said they made an "artificial lifeform living in a box" and was caught in a lie about it lol.

MSFT crushed Sony this E3 and yes I would be worried about the mass appeal of Natal too! if my console of choice was last and now has no hope of gaining ground.

Its not normal for people to seek out all related articles and post trash comments while fantical contributors try to shape popular opinion from a handful of pro Sony or anti MSFT media they hunt for.

Homicide3422d ago

At all of you complaining and whining, visit BIoodmask's thread.

GIJeff3422d ago

and now i feel foolish...
bad graphics....check
3 exclusives....check

i hope things get better for me. so far this thing is a piece.

anyone have any games to recommend to me?

cherrypie3422d ago

Right. one guy tosses out a presumptive blip, and it somehow overcomes all the *AWE* experienced by BBC, Wired, Time, Joystiq, Eurogamer and every one else who saw Milo.

You guys are laughing stock.

SaberEdge3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )


You're so full of it.

Newer 360s are as quiet as the PS3. In fact, my friend's 360 is actually quieter than my PS3. My 360 is a hair louder than my PS3, but not enough to make much of a difference.

Bad graphics? Sure buddy. I have both machines and if you want to know the truth, the 360 actually tends to have the better graphics on most games. Many of the PS3 exclusives are nice-looking, but not really any better than the better-looking 360 games. At worst, you could say that the two console's graphics are fairly comparable.

3 exclusives? Now we know you are full of crap. At this moment the 360 has a much larger library of games than the PS3 and that includes a larger library of exclusives. Go look it up.

We know you won't though, because you are just a PS3 fanboy trolling and trying to pretend that you just bought a 360. When in fact, everything you said was provably wrong.

GIJeff3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

i got mine from best buy about 4 hours ago. i got an elite that came with fable 2 and halo 3. at best buy, i was with a friend who has only a 360 and i asked him what game i should get starting off with my 360. he said fable 2 and halo are good games that showcase the machine pretty well. i looked for about 5 minutes more at the games at best buy, trying to see if there was any exclusives i was missing out on....nope. i couldnt find anything that wasnt multi platform. live was the biggest pain in the @$$ to set up with that POS dpad and non-querty keyboard(PS, is there any way to change that) I think the live store or market or whatever is pretty nice, but the avatar is retarded. and my elite is LOUD. freaking really loud. It was quiet until i put in halo 3. Then its like vroooooom. i hope it doesnt break already.

PS my online name is: birdino

SaberEdge3422d ago

That doesn't change the fact that the 360 does have a much larger selection of exclusives and multiplatform games.

The way you claimed it only had 3 exclusives revealed you to be a fanboy, whether you bought a 360 or not. I prefer my 360 a little bit above my PS3, but I would never say something as ridiculous as "the PS3 only has 3 exclusives" or "the PS3 has bad graphics". Yet that is exactly what you said about the 360, even though neither of those things are true.

Calvin_ISA3421d ago

That my friend, was fvcking hilarious. None of Sony's products have been like that for me, but the Onion does an awesome job at making me laugh. :P

On a side note, but more on topic: Natal looks really stuuuuuuuuupid. All they showed was stupid tech demos anyway. Who wants to spend their time doing that retarded sh!t by themselves anyway? (Cool painting though, I cant wait to splash paint all over the damned walls using my hands. I also can't wait to destroy my living room flailing my arms like a retard playing a one sided dodgeball game where the enemy is myself.) ***did you see how many virtual balls Abigail took to the face during the demonstration? That doesn't look very fun to me*** -OMFG!!! Natal could help you lose calories, it's a workout!!- I personally prefer my video games to be a little bit less of a workout, and more of a relaxing endeavor. -BUT you can ACTUALLY T-bag people in real-time!- Oh yeah? What game? That sh!t's not going to support multiplayer, let alone games where you have to walk more than a few steps... -Running in place?- Let's not be retarded here. Imagine all the possibilities of Natal... Now imagine them being pissed on by a drunk guy eating pringles talking about his lawn-mower, because news flash! No controller means NO CONTROL.

/rant. Sorry if you don't understand it, but people that praise Natal (without even seeing anything REAL and useful or fun looking [If you thought the avatars or painting looked fun, you have a sad and boring life and I hope you see the light someday]) piss me off. :)

Lol. Wow, long rant! :D

Grandizer3421d ago

@ `"1.10 - When will you MS blowhards give it a rest
Motion Controllers are just a gimmick. I don't care who makes them. You don't release a peripheral like that this late in the console cycle if your serious about developing for it. This tech wont be out until late next year, how much longer do you people think the 360 will be out?"

MS said it at E3, the 360 will be out till 2015.... that places Natal at the middle of its life cycle.
If MS puts so much money into it, they`ll make sure it works. It will probably be compaptible with the next xbox as well.

edgeofblade3421d ago

@Ghost: You know why they show certain demos behind closed doors? So they don't have to suffer the snarky blogger wannabes writing like their blog is some supermarket tabloid. And yes, that goes for Kotaku as well.

djevolve4203421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

so like having a poll done here on wouldn't be a biased site to do it on. look at all the ps3 fans here, who can't even admit a good game when they see one, if it happens to be on the 360.

Just like the normal, M$ paid them to say that. yea, well why is there not way more M$ comments and article's that are as biased as the s--t you see in here.

I think god of war will be one of the best games of next year, if not the best. why can't a lot of sony fans on this site admit that a game is the shiiiz.

let the disagree's pile up.

Ryudo3421d ago

@ Photoy

Yeah because we all know how insanely accurate the Eye Toy is...

Comparing it to the Natal and the Eye Top is like comparing a Ferrari to a push chair. Yeah they both essentially do the same thing move. But how effective is a different matter.

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qface643422d ago

*sigh* you know what i just don't know if i should even bother saying anything since an exact same article will be posted like 1 hour later

3421d ago
The Master Chief3422d ago

Wow everyone is all over Microsoft's nuts.

gears223422d ago

I'm not sure if I want to talk with CGI,I think my friends are enough.I'm also not sure if I want to drive with a non existing steering wheel,if you want to feel like it's reel then the best thing to do is get the GT25 steering wheel..I mean you're actually doing what you do in real life when you're driving.

Playing goal keeper seems to work though.

life doomer3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

That's what i was about to say. That natal/gimmick thing wont work.
It's comepletly useless for hardcore games which include platforming and puzzles. This poor excuse of an eyetoy is not for hardcore gamers like us.

mastiffchild3422d ago

Thwe only motion controls we really know about and how they work so far are the Wii and , to a lesser extent the sixaxis and the Eyetoy stuff.

We don't really even know much about M+, the new Sony motion dildo or Natal/Milo/MS stuff so can't we, and the damn sites, stop the BS already?

When we get to play it, see more with our eyes OR, on the odd chance that it may,it gets canned. Until then I wish we'd either talk about the possibilities of them and drop judging things we know next to sod all about. Personaly I don't see where Milo will help with games but, again, it isn't my job to find them. So lets stop posting the stories and going on the rants as NOTHING can be proved one way or the other regardless of your opinion of the Milo showing.

Honestly , haven't we had enough of these stories from both viewpoints-esp when 90% of N4G users don't even want to use motion controls.

Grandizer3421d ago

Judging from what they show, you could have yourself scanned with the driving wheel peripheral of your choice in your hands and use that as a controller.

I don`t see this as much of a thing for gaming aside from Jedi gimmicks.

The real deal comes from logging you on instantly when it recognizes your face or scrolling through the UI with simple Obi Wan gestures.

Voice recognition would be great if it can "Lauch Castle Crashers" when I say so and recognizee the 2 other people on the couch and sign them on automatically so they play too. Then I want to play it with a 360 controller as usual.