RandomNPC : Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles:The Crystal Bearers Impression

Derk Cavin writes "Things started off promising enough. Fights with dragon-like beings are rarely dull. I think this particular part of the demo would've come off a lot better had it not been passed off as a tutorial/minigame though, or really the only combat I saw in the 20-30 minutes that I was able to play before our next appointment.

It's a little difficult to give the game a fair assessment of gameplay with so little combat, but if the town exploration portion is any indication, then a lot of the way the hero interacts with his environment - be it barrel, NPC, or enemy - has to do with pointing the Wiimote at whatever the player wishes to manipulate and clicking the trigger button, B, to get a lock. Some objects require a bit of charge time before they can be manipulated as well. Once control is gained, they can then be thrown around by shaking the Wiimote. The controls so far seemed pretty good once you get used of them with the exception of the scene that involved guiding an airship, but that was likely more of a mini-game than an indication of the gameplay as a whole."

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