RandomNPC : Editorial-Who Won E3?

Jordan Jackson writes "Natal has potential. It's a maybe. The Vitality Sensor was promised to help people relax, maybe sleep better. It's working already, but not quite the way they intended and certainly not to its benefit. The Sony Wiimote looks impressive, but we'll need to see it in more than just a tech demo. If it does what they say it will, and Sony is good about keeping promises, they've got a hit on their hands.

So there you have it. Sony won. Don't like that answer? Then… um… Hanes won. Why Hanes? 109820982098430984 (give or take a couple) t-shirts were given out at E3. They made a killing."

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The_Zeitgeist3885d ago

I can just hear all the MS fanboys now.

ultimolu3885d ago

Oh lol, I can hear them now too.

pippoppow3885d ago

Who had the most exclusive titles coming out that you actually need the system to play those games on? PS3. MS had a good show but most of those games can be played on the PC. So lets say someone has a gaming PC and wants to buy a console. Which console has the games that can't be played on their PC? PS3. They showed a bunch of games and didn't even show everything.

Why dis3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

One of you wrote this? lol

ChozenWoan3885d ago

Actually half of MS's show was games you can play on the PS3... which is fine by me. The only thing that I TRULY liked about MS's show is that they didn't go into charts. This new trend is something I think all gamers will have to give MS props for when it comes to E3 in the coming years.

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lloyd_wonder3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

I guess after the short-lived Natal buzz. people can now focus on practical devices. Sony's wand actually looks like a true competitor to the wii and its market. Natal? ...Maybe it'll be able to compete for the Eye toy's market share... lawl

3885d ago
KionicWarlord2223885d ago

again another article fails to make me belive sony or ms won.

"Let’s look at Microsoft. Clearly, their big announcement is Project Natal. There is practically endless possibility with it. We watched a person drive a car by holding an imaginary wheel. And then they pulled into an imaginary pit stop, and someone replaced the wheels with an imaginary impact wrench. Clearly, there is a lot that can be done, and that is its greatest strength and weakness. Where to begin? In the right hands, Natal will revolutionize gaming. But without a TON of work, Natal stands to become another Eye Toy, a gimmick that is used once, put on a shelf, and quickly forgotten."

"And last, but not least, we have Sony. They have a motion controller too! And it looks like the spawn of a Wii Remote, a glowing microphone, and Project Natal. At first glance, it looks too silly to even hold in your hand, but in practice, this has the most potential. Let’s face it. Waggle isn’t going anywhere. This thing had the same capabilities of MotionPlus, all on the PS3. Is it innovative? No. Is it downright copying Nintendo? Yes. Is it the first time they’ve done this? No. I predict we’ll see HD ports of Wii games, and Sony will profit handsomely."


where are the games?

ChozenWoan3885d ago

From the research I've done, Sony was wanting to wait until next year when they would have had some games to show with the PSLightstick. However, with MS hearing rumors that Sony was going to show their system this year, they put together one of the greatest Hoaxes this gen will ever see. This practically forced Sony into throwing together the demo that was shown.

Now that the cards are on the table, lets wait and see how each one plays their hand. Hopefully, Hardcore and casual gamers will turn out to be the real winners.

Shnazzyone3884d ago

no more "who won E3" articles. How fricking unoriginal are these game "journalists"? How about writing about the games you were shown... not comparing one publisher to another. I'm not buying the company i'm buying the product.. I want to hear about the products not the company.