Diehard GameFAN: LittleBigPlanet Hands-On

In the Sony booth, they had a playable version of Little Big Planet for PSP which showcased a full level as well as a mini game level. Diehard GameFAN got a chance to play through the full level, and it was pretty amazing. The graphics on the PSP screen look almost the same as the PS3 counterpart, just on a small screen. The animation is spot on, and Sackboy looks and moves just as you'd expect.

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ArsArcanum3879d ago

anyone know if this game will support co-op gaming?
coz without that LBP wont be the same

commando343879d ago

Saving for a PSP Go! now and hopefully this will be one of my first digital purchases :). Loved the PS3 version and hopefully its not a watered down port with things missing that make this game special.