Diehard GameFAN: Infamous Review

Although Infamous is yet another sandbox game, but it's the first of the genre Diehard GameFAN has ever really been able to get into and have fun. They can't deny the game has clipping issues, the occasional collision detection issue, and that the introduction of time travel reduces the story from intriguing and interesting to flat out stupid. However the controls are quite solid, the game is quite fun to progress through and you're constantly getting new powers almost to the end of the game, so there is always something new to master.

Empire City is impressive in both size and design and it's quite hard to put down the joystick even when the sub-quests start to repeat themselves. They can't really say Infamous is worth a flat-out purchase if Sandbox or 3-D action games aren't your genre of choice, but it's certainly worth a rental or buying when the price drops in the coming months.

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