RandomNPC : Fallout 3:Point Lookout Impression 1

John "Karlinn" Boske writes "Point Lookout takes place in the Fallout equivalent of the real state park along the Potomac River, one short boat ride away from the Capitol Wasteland. The park is now a thoroughly unwelcoming swampland populated by hostile raiders, ghoul survivalists, and other nasty things. So, basically it's a lot like the Capitol Wasteland. The demo brings us to a rotting mansion under siege by surprisingly strong tribals, with its lone ghoul inhabitant desperately trying to fend them off.

The start of the demo mission gets right to the action as Desmond, a well-dressed ghoul packing considerable heat, opens fire on a pack of tribals breaking into the main hall. Backed only by trained dogs and a couple gun turrets, Desmond predictably asks you for help in scurrying about the mansion to fight them off. The demo didn't give players the option to refuse; it's unknown if it will be possible in the retail version. Anyway, a pitched series of room-to-room battles ensues, some of them alongside your ghoul compatriot. You're led to key breaches in the structure and tasked with sealing them off, which usually involves destroying something so the hole collapses. Assuming one survives the assault, you do get the chance to ask Desmond more about what's going on, and he offers you a reward in exchange for finding out what's got the locals so riled up."

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