NL: Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Review

Nintendo Life writes: "Fans of the 16-bit Final Fantasy releases should find plenty to wrap themselves around in this continuation of the Final Fantasy IV storyline. The game offers quite a bit of length and game play for your 800 Wii Points, but having to purchase additional packs in order to enjoy the side stories is obviously going to rub some gamers the wrong way, especially considering that there are eight additional packs to buy in order to wrap up the entire story line. If you appreciate retro visuals and 'traditional' RPG game play then this is obviously a game you'll want to consider, but those of you looking for a more modern Final Fantasy experience might want to spend your hard-earned pennies elsewhere. The classic game play elements on display here might prove to be a bit too simplistic for modern RPG fans, even with the new game play additions".

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