Gamer Limit: Best of E3 Awards

Gamer Limit writes "It wouldn't be a big show without awards afterward! Gamer Limit has deliberated for hours, and broken down each offering to give you our "best of E3 awards"."

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- Ghost of Sparta -3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )


It's a Mercurysteam production (the developers of Clive Barker's Jericho) in ASSOCIATION with Kojima Productions. KP are not developing the game for fack sakes.

Fullish3516d ago

The reference is to the point that Kojima is involved in it.

KionicWarlord2223516d ago

Ghost of sparta is just saying that . hes holding up his excitement from seeing the trailer. Right now hes probably watching it for his 10th time .


- Ghost of Sparta -3516d ago

Yes I've seen the trailer 3-4 times and I like it but I am in no way excited for the actual game. Some people are very confused right now but if you yourself have seen the trailer 10 times then surely you would have noticed the "Mercurysteam" logo. Just for the record, I own every major Castlevania title and have been a huge fan of the series for longer than I can remember but I won't deny that I have my doubts about Lords of Shadow. All of Mercurysteam's games are rubbish.

Darkeyes3516d ago

lol.. That Head ripping from Kratos on GOW3 itself was the highlight of E3.... These jerks say GOW3 does nothing new... Well why do they have to if the mechanism is flawless. Bayonetta was Good... As great as GOW3... LMFAO.

I just want to see these guys expressions when GOW3 comes out.

beavis4play3516d ago

funny how they ignore ripping off someones head or disemboweling a centaur in such graphic detail......or fighting ON a titan. that stuff is new.

ChozenWoan3516d ago

And I bet Bayonetta made you feel all... OooOooo and special when you saw it. Like your a dirty little boy and she's gonna teach you the lesson of your life.

Well Sarah Palin made me feel the same way... I still didn't vote for her.

chrisjc3516d ago

"fighting on a titan is new"

Really? So every other action game where you fought on a giant beast/creature (DMC 4 included) never happened? Cool story bro.

What's funny is how people will blindly follow God of War III without actually playing the game. Well, I did, at E3, and even though I loved it, it was more of the same.

Honestly, I've beaten each God of War game at least 4 times. I loved them that much. But Bayonetta took God of War's action and took it to the next level: it felt different.

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Dimly3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Woot Kojima will save CastleVania! It needs it!

chrisjc3516d ago

Yea I'm pretty sure the "Kojima Productions" bit by the site was the surprise at the announcement of Kojima himself overseeing this project: regardless of who else is producing it.

xabmol3516d ago

Bayonetta > GoW3 o.0?!

beavis4play3516d ago

bayonetta is for people who can't handle GOW3.
seriously though, if some like it, that's fine. as far as action (and just plain violent mayhem) goes.....god of war series is the king.

LeonSKennedy4Life3516d ago

You guys are missing the point here.

GOWIII will be gory and fun, but Bayonetta is the next step in the action franchise.

You're severely underestimating this game.

xabmol3516d ago

What is "the next step?"

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