Giant Bomb: Front Mission Evolved Hands-On

Giant Bomb writes: "Square Enix and Double Helix will be taking the wraps off Front Mission Evolved in stages later this year, first at the GamesCom in Germany and then at Tokyo Game Show. I'm curious to see how it shapes up as an action game--but as someone who never got into the old strategy versions of Front Mission, I'm even more curious to see how diehard fans of the series take the transition. How do you feel about it?"

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Kain813514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

Cause there is aNew Event Called GamesCom and it will be in Köln, germany

Here are the dates: GamesCom
19.-23.08.09 / Köln, Germany

On Topic

SE has lost most of there fanbase, including ME.
They have lost there own Tradition, and the Fans lost faith in SE.
Keep it up SE

blacksniper3514d ago

I wish they would've kept it as srpg since there aren't many srpgs out there, but it could turn out good.