More Ratchet and Clank Future HD Screenshots

Here are some more Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction screenshots, as well as some concept art.

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techie4273d ago

Looking oh so good :)

Says you4273d ago

On the XBox 360 there hasnt been a real game that doesnt use Unreal Engine 3 to prove that considering Too Human and Mass Effect Gears of War BioShock has proven nothing except that all 4 of them are using Unreal Engine 3 and not the graphics of the XBox 360.

techie4273d ago

Dude! Shut up seriously lol. You're like a rash or something.

Says you4273d ago

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techie4273d ago

Bravo Says you. it was nice having your refreshingly deranged voice on N4G...shame it didn't last longer. I'm glad you enjoy these Ratchet pics I so kindly posted for you. ;)

SmokeyMcBear4273d ago

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As for the game, it just keeps getting better and better, I want to see something of these "tools of destruction" looks likes its going to be one fun game.