GamerVision: God of War III Hands-On

It takes approximately four seconds of playing God of War III to know that little has changed from God of War II. The graphics have been given a good once over, enemies have a few new tricks up their sleeves, and there are some new, fantastic elements, but the God of War formula remains nearly unchanged. Kratos still swings in circles, flailing chains, and murdering all that wander into his path.

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Cajun Chicken3887d ago

Wouldn't want it any other way.

DeforMAKulizer3887d ago

Amen! =D
2009 and 2010 rock! And that's without the unannounced games from both Sony, and MS, and don't forget that new Zelda! =D

Gamerbee3887d ago

God of War series is truly amazing. I pity anyone who hasnt played the last 2.