GamerVision: Splinter Cell: Conviction Eyes-On

A summary of Conviction's plot was explained to those who weren't familiar with the storyline of the franchise. In the last game, Double Agent, Sam Fisher's daughter Sarah was killed in a drunk driving accident-which he later found out wasn't an accident at all. In Conviction, he is hunting down his daughter's killer, and has left Third Echelon, meaning he is no longer bound to their rules.

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lord_of_balrogs3516d ago

What I'm wondering is which double agent is cannon. The 360/PS3 version or the xbox/PS2 version.

FreeMonk3516d ago

I've never played a Splinter Cell game, but after seeing the demo of this during the MS conference, I'm sold. It looks very slick, sweet and dark, which is great for a game like this.

I may even go back and play the orignal Splinter Cell, and then try Double Agent, just to get myself ready for Conviction.

CrimsonFox133516d ago

Damn! 360 console exclusive. This sounds fun, actually...

Hm... Mass Effect, Conviction, Alan Wake... Those sound really good...

thewhoopimen3516d ago

yeah, will definitely have a great time of it on my pc.

The real Why dis3516d ago

Splinter Cell Conviction with CGI graphics only on Microsoft platforms you won't see these kind of graphics on the Ps3.

cyberwaffles3516d ago

"Splinter Cell Conviction with CGI graphics only on Microsoft platforms you won't see these kind of graphics on the Ps3."

lol you're kidding right? never mind, i already know the certain company you pole ride any second you have the chance to.

Jeromejones3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

thats funny. I have still yet to see a game on 360, even after E3 that beats killzone 2. SC conviction looks nice, but uncharted 2 smacks it & is at a much larger scale. Now that was CGI.

ef-u-23516d ago

this and alan wake hell even mass effect 2 and odst looked great

el zorro3516d ago

I agree, in so far as I think Splinter Cell Conviction is the graphical equal to anything on the PS3.

ShabzS3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

yup.. i'll second that

thewhoopimen3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

I humbly disagree given that no publication has said conviction is the equal of anything. Looking at the glass shards being shot out in the pic and I pretty much rest my case.

Even infamous has real shard pieces breaking... and not glass particle dust lol.

That being said, the style and direction is certainly impressive.

raztad3516d ago

As gorgeous as Conviction is UC2 destroys it w/o mercy and all you guys know it. Conviction is in the best case comparable to Heavy Rain (graphics-wise), but I still think HR characters are more life like, more detailed.

SpoonyRedMage3516d ago

I think the game looks great. I've not been into Splinter Cell that much(I have played the games) but I might get into the series here.

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The story is too old to be commented.